You can always start swinging again…

I’ve got to admit it’s gettin better! And better, all the time!

I’m talking about life. Although, yes, stress and bad things DO happen (they ALWAYS will, better get used to it :)), life just gets better and better as time goes on! Each new day is a chance to learn something new about yourself! Whether you learn a new favorite workout move or that you can single handedly take down an entire box of cookies(i would never! ;-)), there’s always something new!! (And no, i didn’t eat any cookies, just an example.)

(ugh why is this girl in such a good mood)

Anyways peepers, I had another epiphany.(Is there a certain amount of them that you get per year? I didn’t have any for a while, so maybe these are left over? Like rollover minutes?!)

Anywhozzle, this epiphany is regarding momentum. Do you ever notice how much EASIER it is to run after you have been running for xx days straight? Or how easy it is to eat healthy when you’ve been doing it for a while?

Imagine you are on a playground pushing a child on a swing(hopefully your own child or at least one you know haha) and when you start to push, it’s a little bit tough. The child swings back and you push again, a little bit easier, but still kind of tough. Again, the child swings forward and back. You push again, and its almost effortless.

Are you seeing the common ground? I’ll go on….

If you walk away from the swing, eventually it slows down. A little more, a little more, and finally, it isn’t swinging anymore(and the child is screaming their head off to “PUSHH MEEEEE”).

So you see, staying on your exercise and nutrition plan is much like a swing. You use the momentum that you gain to help keep your “swing” going. Eventually, it will get easier. BUT, if you walk away from your swing (goals and good habits) you will lose that momentum. And eventually, your progress will slow, and slow more, until finally it stops.

We must always be mindful of our swing and keep it swinging. The minute we walk away, we could lose some of that momentum.


The good news? You can always start swinging again.


5 thoughts on “You can always start swinging again…

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling so great!! i have totally realized that with momentum before (thought I don’t run) it’s like, when I am in the zone with cardio and workouts, it’s that much easier to keep going. Taking a week off the gym or so, and getting back into it is the worst for me!! THat is why I have decided I am not goin to stop doing cardio after this prep. I think that now that I am used to it, it’s the key. Slowing down did me in last time fo shizzle.

    Rolloever minutes. YOU ARE GREAT>


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