Supplements I Take and Why

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I could have definitely used another day of the weekend to chill out! I didn’t drink any caffeine this weekend, and therefore was having some pretty annoying caffeine headaches! I got in some GREAT workouts, but besides that, the couch and TV were my friend. 😀 It’s nice to veg out sometimes, haven’t done it in too long!

I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into the supplements that I take and why I take them. This is not a recommendation and you should always ask a doctor before you begin taking something new. Also, what I take may not be best for you to take, but I’d be happy to answer any questions, so feel free to comment or e-mail me with them!

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – This is a supplement that I take once per day. It is an antioxidant that is actually produced in the body. It helps to turn glucose into energy while fighting off free radicals (waste in the cells that can lead to cancer.)

Papaya Tabs – These are simply digestive enzymes. They help to break down food and assist in digestion.

Probiotic Complex – These are also a form of digestive enzymes that actually have a living culture in them. They aid in the break down of food, absorption of nutrients and help with digestion.

Magnesium – . When I’m feeling extra tired and worn down from my work outs (not right after a work out, but almost as if I’m over training) I immediately up my magnesium intake. Magnesium is abundant in the body, but people can become deficient when dieting. I like to take it each day as a reserve, just in case.

Glutamine – I can’t stress this one enough. I like to call it the miracle supplement. This aids in recovery, BIG TIME. It helps to repair muscles and cells when they are broken down. I also take it when I get sick, as it helps the body to recover faster.

That’s it. I don’t take any fat burners or any other janky supplements that are on the market. I’ve tried different things, but I like to get most of my nutrients from food. I do take a multi-vitamin everyday to cover my bases, but I also try to make sure I’m getting in a variety of foods, especially vegetables.

If you have any additional questions as far as brands, or where to buy these or other supplements, comment or e-mail me at fitlizzio (at) gmail (dot) com.


Supplement Talk Part 1

Hey guys! Happy Star Wars Day!! Haha, i heard that on the radio today. I’ve never actually seen Star Wars, but I’m celebrating anyways. Join me? 😉

I get a lot of questions from friends, fellow gym members, and readers about supplements. Most of the questions involve the NEED to take certain supplements. Without them, you couldn’t possibly get the results that you want, right? Well, no. Not at all, actually.

Supplements are just that: supplements. Let’s break it down:

sup·ple·ment (spl-mnt)

n. 1. Something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.
A supplement is something used in ADDITION to the most important pieces of your program. It is the icing on the cake, not the batter.
There are literally THOUSANDS MILLIONS of different supplements. Natural supplements, artificial supplements, plant and fruit extracts, vitamins, minerals, food derivatives, YOU NAME IT. I guarantee that for any thing you can think of, someone has made a “necessary” supplement to help, treat, cure, fix, screw up blah blah blah you get the point.
The amount of supplements on the market are enough to make you dizzy. I should know, I could open up a store with the amount of supplements in my kitchen, b ut that’s beside the point. The true point is that first of all, we don’t know the safety of most of these supplements. Very few studies are done on supplements and the FDA does not regulate them, so you can pretty much put anything in a bottle and say what you want about it. There are quality supplements and there are definitely things that can help you acheive your goals, but they are NOT NECESSARY.
What is necessary?
A clean diet(diet meaning the way you eat, not a “diet”), an active lifestyle(activity level is different for every single individual based on goals, age, desires, health etc. ) and a healthy mind. That one is probably the most important piece. The rest of it follows when your mind is in a good place.
The next time someone tells you that you HAVE to take a certain supplement in order to acheive your next goal, come back to this post. Like I said, supplements CAN help and sometimes it is the boost that pushes you forward a little bit, but without a solid foundation, those supplements aren’t going to do a thing. Set your foundation, then you can start peaking into the supplement world, but until then. EAT  CLEAN AND WORK HARD 🙂