The Breakfast Club


This morning started out with a torturous boot camp. I say this because they keep getting harder and harder! To give you an idea, today’s boot camp went like this:

-10 bleachers with plyometrics in between the first 5 and jump squats down for the second 5.

We then were broken up into groups by fitness level and were thrown into a crazy course that included: parachute sprints, water pipe lunges across the football field, sled sprints, lots of different types of jumps and other plyometrics, suicides, and more bleachers.

It’s really motivating to be with a group of super competitive people. When you want to quit, you don’t.

After bootcamp, we all hit up Starbucks and then a smaller group of us headed to a local breakfast place to chat and chow. It’s really easy to order really clean when you’re with 6 other people who are doing the same thing 😀

I got the egg white and asparagus omelet and it was SO good. Good times for sure.

I’m now sitting at work. I got homework for the week done, finished up two classes yesterday, and am just finishing up writing one more workout plan and then I’m OFFFFFFFFFFFF tomorrow. No work, no appointments, no school, no workout(maybe ;-)). Absolutely NOTHING. Just me, the sun and a pool. Ahhh, I’m so excited to sleep in (oh dear God please let me sleep past 6am :)) and just laze around.

See you Monday with a lobster face 😛


Sunday Rest Day!

Today I am taking a much needed rest day. My cardio is up to 2 sessions per day, plus my weight training workouts and although I didn’t really want to take a rest day, I KNOW I absolutely have to. If I want my body to keep working at a high level, I have to treat it with respect.

Yesterday’s boot camp was absolutely gut wrenching. It was a HARD boot camp, but also HOT outside. I was drenched by the end.

This weekend has been filled with homework, client’s workouts/nutrition plans, and writing articles.

I’m at work now and have more writing to do, so this is going to get cut short!

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Work Hard Play Hard

Wowza I’m exhausted today!!

Yesterday was a looooong day. It started with a Back Workout at the gym:

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

Close Grip Seated Row


One Arm Row

I kept it simple, since this was my second back workout of the week. Monday’s back workout was mediocre at best, so I wanted to hit it again. I feel redeemed 🙂

I ran a few errands and got my TRUCK WASHED(this happens 2-3 times per year, so it’s kind of a big event ;-)) and then headed to Pinnacle Peak to RUN the mountain. This was my first time ever running it, but a trainer at my gym was going and invited me. It was actually much easier than I thought, but still a great cardio workout. There was some downhill running, which I don’t really condone since it can be really hard on your knees, but I made sure to use my feet as shock absorbers as much as possible. My knees feel fine, so I think I did okay. I worked and closed the gym last night and pretty much passed out as soon as I got home.

Boot camp

Today’s boot camp was tough. We warmed up with 3 sets of: 5 bleachers, squats on the way down, “plyometrics”(I use that term loosely because although some of the things we do are plyos, some of them aren’t i.e. pushups, dips, etc. ) in between and then a run through(you run up and down each set of stairs and then around the bleachers.) We did this 3 times and THEN hit the track for the rest of the boot camp. Tough stuff, but I feel awesome now.

Worky work

I’m not at work at the supplement store all day. I’m working 9-5 today, 12-6 tomorrow at the gym, then opening the gym at 4am on Monday. I can’t wait to take a nap Monday afternoon. Wednesday I’m heading out with my roommate to LA(she’s moving!! :-() and then flying from there to San Francisco for the weekend. Working hard so I can play hard 🙂

Have a great weekend!


I just want to say that I am SO grateful for all of my readers. You all seem to understand what I am going through, and you know how to make me feel a little less crazy.

It can be hard to put something like that out in the open, but it feels good to do so. I never know what the reaction will be. I don’t know if I have lost some readers from posts like that, but it is just proof that I’m not a bionic super hero 24/7.(You totally thought I was huh? Santa isn’t real either…uh oh, there goes 10 more readers!(do i even have 10 readers??? :-))

Okay, enough with the wise cracks. I already feel better today. Getting that out, and giving myself permission to get back to my roots of what works for me, was just what I needed.


This morning, after a glorious 3.5 hours of sleep(thank you for the midnight entertainment, apartment above me. I like to sing Akon in the wee hours of the morning at the top of my lungs. Oh wait, that’s you.)…anyways, I pulled my tired-ass out of bed for boot camp. I actually turned off the alarm first, and don’t even remember doing it, but at 6:15, I woke up again and had a whopping 15 minutes to grub and leave the house.

I ended up eating 2 pieces of apple, and cooking some egg whites for after boot camp. I ate the rest of the apple after boot camp as well.

Boot camp was pretty tough today! 

The Drill:

-10 bleachers, plyos in between each

-3 sled runs(down and back)

-4 parachute sprints(100 yards(ish? i think..) each way, down and back)

-Sledge hammers-10 per side

-2 more sprints(50 yds i think..down and back twice)

-mountain climbers, jump ups, sumo squats, lunges, suicides x 2, and some ladder work.

I think i was a sweaty mess, but it was like 47 degrees so I really don’t know 😉

Things you probably don’t care about but I’ll tell you anyways:

Afterwards we hit up Starb’s for some coffee. I got my weekly Americano, dropped a couch off at Goodwill, bought a new protein powder since I’m out, and now I’m rotting away hanging at work.

I talked to a friend of mine about some cool things that we are working on. It will be a few months before it materializes, but it’s worth the wait 🙂

Have a Happy Holiday, and don’t make excuses not to work out!