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You can contact me at fitlizzio@gmail.com

This blog is where I ramble on about life, fitness, healthy living, fun workouts, and more! I am a certified personal trainer through AFPA and my own guinea pig. I LOVE to workout and challenge myself. I enjoy everything from running, rock climbing, lifting heavy weights, plyometrics, wakeboarding, hiking, trail running, paddle boarding, and just about everything else! I am also the brand ambassador for the World’s Best Boot Camp. If there is a bootcamp in your area, I highly recommend it! You can see my video testimonials here. AMAZING experience and AMAZING results. 

Here you will find quick and easy recipes, workouts you can do in the gym and out, and tidbits of my life in between.

Lizzy Outside Red Shirt

About Me:

My name is Lizzy. I’m a 25 year old living in Santa Monica and enjoying every bit of it! I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ and lived there for 23 years before moving to the beach. I graduated from ASU with a degree in Business Management and went to school for audio engineering at Mesa Community College for 3.5 years. I have had quite a ride while here, and feel lucky to be in the place I am. I am the owner of My Part Time Manager and work with my clients on a daily basis, as well as the Front Desk/Operations Manager at Iron Gym Santa Monica.

I would love to answer any questions you may have! I am a certified personal trainer, and have been in the world of fitness and health for the past 6+ years. Along with competing in two bikini competitions, working with several different trainers (all with different training protocols) and running several races from 5k’s to half marathons, I’ve researched and experimented a lot in those 6 years and I’m happy to share my knowledge. You can comment below or contact me at: fitlizzio@gmail.com

While I don’t look like this today, I do know how and what it takes to get there the HEALTHY way. Feel free to ask about anything!


Fun fact: On the side, I’m a sound engineer and work on music whenever I get the chance. I’ve been a part of several music projects, music videos, and enjoy so much of the music business. While I once planned on it being the sole focus of my career, focusing on the money made it hard to enjoy my passion. Taking that aspect away has allowed me to re-connect with the parts of music and recording that I truly enjoy and I’m happy to have found my spot in that world. You can visit me here to see what I’m up to. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lizzy! My name is Jared! I enjoyed your about me section. From you competition photo I can tell you put in a lot of work to get that way.

    I do have one question. A while back I went running and I guess I did too much too soon. My left foot got tight and was like a bear claw. Well, since then it seems like now and again it gets tight, and I am not sure exactly what to do to correct this issue. I massage when needed and I use a tennis ball at least once a day. Do you have any suggests for me?

    Also, what kind of music do you enjoy playing and listening to?

    Thanks, Jared


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