At least I think I’m funny :)

It is days like today that I am so thankful to have this wonderful blog. I almost feel sorry for people who haven’t gotten into the whole “blogging” thing because it truly is therapeutic!

Today was one of those “i’m crawling in a hole today” days. I haven’t had one in a while, but stress got the best of me. I rolled with it, and I am feeling better now. Shopping at Sunflower Market usually puts me back in my place 🙂

Anyways, I didn’t work out at all today! I know, shocking right?! This had nothing to do with said crappy day, but it had to do with a few other things.

First of all, I have had 1 rest day in the last like 3 weeks, and have been working out for the past 10 days straight with no rest. All of them have been hard workouts, and some of them have been two-a-days. Tuesdays are the killers because its boxing, weight training, cardio and conditioning at night. Then Wednesdays are the CraZy Leg DaYs, so by Thursday when I have boxing and weight training AGAIN, I am more than beat. Anyways, along with a stupid wrist injury that I incurred last Thursday while boxing, I decided I needed a break today.

It took everything in me not to go work out and to make sure I wouldn’t, I wore flip flops all day haha!

I feel good about it though, because tomorrow is Leg Day and I know it will be a killer, always is.

I did a lot of thinking and soul-searching today and may have some news for you later this week, but I’m not saying anything until I am sure about it. GUH, I know, the suspense is going to kill you, huh?!

There was something I was really excited to blog about, and now I can’t remember for the life of me! I hate when that happens 😦 OK I REMEMBERED! Haha, you all think I’m crazy now, but that’s okay.

It was this quote that stopped me in my tracks today. It made me laugh, but I also think it might be one of the greatest things I have heard lately.

Stolen from a friend’s Facebook status:

“When I get sad, I just stop being sad, and be awesome instead.”

Haha, totally funny and straightforward, but if you think about it, he’s totally right.

So that is my new mantra for this week. If I get sad, mad, angry, pissy, bitchy, snotty, snippy, snappy, SAMSONITE, i was way off!…..(I hope there are some D&D fans out there!) but anyways, you get my point. I am just going to remember this quote and snap out of whatever mood it is! Moods are only TEMPORARY states of mind. That is what we have to remember. Being sad or mad is TEMPORARY and that state of mind WILL change at some point. How you deal with it and face the mood is what will determine how long it is before your state of mind changes. Ironically enough, same with being happy. Happiness is also a state of mind, and CAN change. We all just need to learn to harness the good, and block out the bad. Harness. Good. Block. Bad. (Happy Gilmore?! Yes?!)

Man, I’m on a roll, I better quit while I’m ahead. 🙂 Biggest Loser tonight!


7 thoughts on “At least I think I’m funny :)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE D&D and I totally get it. “He must work out”…

    So what…pray tell, is the news? Come on, you know I had to ask. Just putting it out there like that and keeping me hanging till the end of the week is TOTALLY LAME! LOL!! WTF

    You totally need a rest. 10 days straight with some 2 a days at the intesnsity you go is going to run you down. Mentally is just as important, too!!!

    Flip flops…ugh. I can’t wear those all day (besides the fact that I work full time in a place where I have to dress up) is that there is frost on the ground here already. SCREW YOU!

    I am being mean today. LOL fake mean, but mean none the less. WOOO


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