Chest + Cardio


Just wanted to pop in and say hi! πŸ™‚ This morning I woke up before work and hit the gym for a chest workout and some cardio.

Stepmill: 60 minutes

Chest: Today I did 1 exercise for chest. It is actually a combo exercise, and kicks the living shit out of your chest. (If you have living shit in your chest you’re going to need more than a workout….)

15 wide chest flys, 10 db presses, 5 wide chest flys. All of this done on the decline bench, and the key is to go DEEP and very SLOW. It takes some patience, but if you can hug someone pain-free the next day, you either didn’t use enough weight or didn’t go slow/deep enough(this is starting to sound like a romance novel….)

The weight is actually very light in comparison to what you would normally use. I started with 10 lb DB’s and ended with just 15 lb DB’s. I did 5 sets total and had to take a few breaks during the last set. One thing I have learned in working with my former world champion power lifter friend is that it’s OKAY to take rests during a set. One thing you DO NOT want to do, is try to “survive.” Don’t sacrifice your rep because you know in your head you still have x amount of reps left. A set of 12 is really 12 sets of 1 rep, so make every rep count and be PERFECT. If that means taking a 5-10 second break in the middle of your 12 rep set, then so-be-it, but FEEL THE MUSCLE YOU ARE ACTIVATING.

Taking those principles into my training the last few weeks has left me more sore than I’ve ever been in my life…and my training time is literally cut in half. Love training and love learning πŸ™‚

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