Moving Forward

Life has been quite the whirlwind these past few weeks. I have to say, it’s been rough for my personal life, but it happens.


I got sick last Wednesday and didn’t lift again until Friday. I wasn’t getting better so took Saturday and Sunday completely off training. I was back at it on Monday of this week and feeling great 🙂 My butt, hammies, and triceps are currently sore and I’ll be hitting back/biceps hard tomorrow.


I lost 6 pounds while being sick, but my eating is finally back to normal and my appetite is back. It’s funny, I’m eating more carbs and doing less cardio than I’ve done in a long time, but the heavy lifting and the fact that my body has fuel is making me progress really well. I’m happy and feel good about everything. Still no show-dates lined up, but at the moment, I can’t even imagine stressing about a show. Family drama + relationship stuff really takes a toll on a person. Especially when it all happens in the same week 😀

BUT, I’m hanging in there. I rely heavily on music to get me through pretty much everything, but especially when I hit rough patches.

This week: 

Simple Man by Lynrd Skynrd(and my favorite cover by the Deftones)

“Troubles will come and they will pass.”

Let it Go by Depswa

“When you love something enough and you’ve done all that you can if there’s one thing I have known and learned first hand sometimes you have to just let it go”

These songs make me feel at peace. I sound a little nutty saying that, but its da truff mang.


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