When you enter a preparation for something, whether it be a fitness competition, athletic event, or any major event, you learn many things about the people around you.

People will support you and go out of their way for you, or people will criticize you and turn their backs on you.

First Competition

Throughout my first competition, although most of what I did was on my own and guided by my own beliefs/research, I still had a TON of help from others. I had a former body builder train me for FREE 2-3 times per week. I had experienced competitors offer their words of wisdom and ensure me that I could do it, and I made many new friends who were in the same position as me. Without the help of those people, I’m sure that I COULD have competed, but I’m not sure that I would’ve. The doubt and unsure feelings that go along with preparing for an event are present much of the time, and sometimes you just need that little encouragement from someone to keep moving forward.

My New Support Team

As I prep for my 3rd competition(2nd prep, since my second show was only 1 month after my first) I once again have had the pleasure of getting some help from those around me. Although this time, I went the route of hiring a coach, she lives in another part of town and I’m not able to see her everyday. At my gym, a friend/personal trainer/figure competitor has been there for me through it all. She has helped me with posing, we’ve done countless cardio sessions together(she is prepping for USA’s as well), we’ve talked about prep, she hooked me up with a sponsor, and most of all she’s there to listen and give me advice and encouragement. That is invaluable to me. This prep has been difficult as far as making sure I’m ready in time, but she is there to remind me that I’m doing what I need to do and that I WILL in fact be ready for the show.

Negative People

I’ve definitely dealt with my fair share of people who don’t support me, but I’m pretty quick to kick them to the curb. I have never been one to argue with people. If you are going to criticize me or what I do, then I’m not going to give you the time of day. On that note, I’m forgiving and if you decide you want to be supportive than I’ll likely befriend you once again. No need to hold grudges. Most of the time people aren’t trying to be malicious, they’re just in a disagreement with me. Not a big deal.

The Message

What I’m trying to get across is that the people that have been there for me and helped me have shown me how important it is to give back. Everyone at the gym knows that if they have any questions or need advice that I would gladly give it to them. There are some people who have the “all me” mentality and they aren’t as open to giving support to others, but I know just how much of a difference it has made in my preparations and journeys, and I love nothing more than doing the same for others.


4 thoughts on “Giving

  1. People will support you and go out of their way for you, or people will criticize you and turn their backs on you.

    Isn’t THAT the truth. I like your attitude and how forgiving you would be. And the whole idea of paying it forward, too – great post!


  2. Lizzy – you have become such a great friend and vital support to me as well! Cardio is definitely easier when I have you next to me to chat and laugh with. You’re an amazing young woman with all the potential in the world and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you step on stage in 4 weeks. Thanks for all your encouragement as well.


  3. Your attitude will get you far in this life…I would swear you are much older than you are as you are very mature!!! Keep it up….karma will be on your side in the long run.


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