Wow. Today has been crazyyyy. And it’s only going to continue. I can’t complain because it’s all good things, but I’m tiredddddd.

Let’s see this morning I headed to the gym for cardio, upper body workout and more cardio.

I finished up and headed to summa school. I actually go to class these days….weird.

Finished with that and headed home to do some client plans and homework and then it was off to work at the gym.

Workout this morning was upper body with kettle bell swing, jump rope and burpee intervals mixed in.

Comp Prep Update

Legs and butt are finally starting to come down!! That’s always an epic moment and I was worried it would never happen…but it has started and I’m feeling really good about prep. Less than 8 weeks to go!! CRAZY.


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Becca says:

    I am with you on the epic moment. I thought mine were never gonna come down but the past week or so I have gotten a grip and feeling better, with no time to spare!! AH!!
    8 weeks, man, it seems like just ysterday we were trading stories on our first comp and now we’re bout to step on a national stage. Crazy huh? You are going to ROCK it girlie, I can’t wait to see the pics


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