Prep Update and Fun!


I’m becoming an “every-other-day-but-sometimes-even-longer-than-that” kinda blogger. Life has just been extremely busy lately! I’m happy and things are going well, so I can’t complain, but I feel like time is just FLYING.

Competition Prep Update

 Saturday marks 12 weeks out! I can’t believe how fast this is flying by. I am feeling SO good and my body is responding really well. It’s actually pretty crazy how fast I’m dropping weight. I am extremely happy with the muscle I put on. My upper body/abs especially are starting to really lean up and guess who finally has shoulders!!!!! I knew I built them, but unveiling them is so much fun. I have had no desire to have any type of cheats because watching the layers peel off and seeing the results of my hard-work is better than ANY food could ever be.

Training is going really well too. I’m doing slightly higher reps(12-15, as opposed to 10-12) and keeping my cardio pretty constant. The only thing I need to work on is scheduling rest days. I like to workout during the week days just because it feels right. Saturdays I like to do boot camp, and Sundays are my FAVORITE: Sprint Days. So with that said, I have to force myself to schedule in a rest day or else my body is going to turn on me.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to post some progress pictures on Saturday and every 2 weeks until my show. We will see though. I also kind of want to post them at 12 weeks out and then leave everyone hanging until the week of the show 😉 I’m mean, I know. We shall see!!!


Life is treating me well right now. In the past week I’ve been to California, the beach, dirt biking and to the lake. I know it doesn’t sound like I do much but vacation, but really, I wake up at the crack of dawn(3-4am) and I work at the gym early in the morning or in the afternoons, with writing work, school, and other freelance work in between. Plus I don’t miss my workouts, so although i’m definitely having a blast, I’m working my ass off too. I never stop moving and it’s tiring. I will say this, there were years of my life where I didn’t do much. I would put off vacations, put off doing fun things because I had “a lot to do.” I really did. I was going to school full time and working an office job 35 hours a week. I never made it out to the lake two summers in a row because I was working or in class. In the last year(basically since I started competing) I realized along the way that life is too short to be too busy to have fun. There are wayts to fit it in. Whether it is going for a hike on a break, or going on a 24 hour trip somewhere closeby just to get away, it is good for the soul. It doesn’t mean you have to spend money either. I am as broke as they come(I paid for groceries with nickels and dimes a few weeks ago. True story.) but it’s worth it to me. I’d rather be broke and having a lot of fun then being “too busy.” Just like there is always time to fit in your workouts, there is always time to fit in your fun. Don’t put off the fun for too long, you’re missing out.


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