Early Mornings

So I’ve picked up a few of the opening shifts at the gym. I did it for two reasons: I can workout on my shift and technically that means I’m getting paid to work out, and because I feel bad that our manager has to open the gym(meaning wake up at 3:15am) every day during the week.

Early Monday Workout

I hopped out of bed at a whopping 3:15am today, and dragged my ass into the kitchen to cook some breakfast for after my cardio. I don’t prefer to do empty stomach cardio, but I also don’t like eating that freakin’ early in the morning.

I got to the gym to find people waiting for me to open it. They are nutz I’m tellin ya. It was 4:15 am when I got there…Crazy people.

I did the normal opening duties and headed to the stepmill for a 50 minute sesh. I had my iPod on and it actually went by pretty quickly. That early in the morning, sometimes I think I’m still half asleep while I’m doing the cardio and don’t really remember much of it.

Afterwards, I head to the front desk to eat my food: egg whites with spinach and red cabbage, and rolled oats. Lurvely.

I let that digest and then hit up shoulders!

Shoulder Boulders

-Push Press s.s. w/ Upright Row

-DB Arnold Press s.s w/ DB Lateral Raise

-Cable Front Raise s.s. w/ DB Rear Delt Raise

Twas a hard one. I’m really noticing my shoulders popping out and my upper body is leaning out really well. My stomach is also leaning out and my abs are starting to make an appearance again. I missed those babies. In a few more weeks, maybe I’ll get ballsy and post some progress pics.

I’m currently a little under 14 weeks out and feeling really great. My coach thinks I’m right on target, and of course we are going to kick things up even more come 12 weeks out, but for now, the weight is falling off and I’m happy with the way things are going.

I’m heading to LA yet again this weekend with the roomie and can’t wait!! The gym we train at when we’re there is down the street from where we’re staying, so we can walk, which is perfect. I think i actually may be going to the lake Thursday before I leave for california too…might be a little bit of a crazy day..but I can’ t pass up the lake! It’s my favorite place in the world! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Early Mornings

  1. augh! girl,dont even talk about missing abs!!! i wont be able to see mine again for a few more months! LOL!!!!

    but in all seriosness, im glad things are rolling along for you! just keep on keeping on!!!


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