Buyer Beware


I was learning about how supplement companies are able to market their products and how they get their ingredients. Basically, companies see that “X” is the hot new product on the market. Hot product=pricey, and as long as there is a “dusting” of that product in their ingredient list, they are able to put it on their Proprietary Blend. Beware of proprietary blends!! You don’t know how much of a product is in there, and it could be so minute that it wouldn’t do anything=Waste O’ Money. I’m not saying that all companies do this and it also doesn’t mean that all proprietary blends are bullshit….all I am saying is buyer:beware.

With that said, not ALL companies are like that. One company in particular is quite the opposite and makes sure that their products are made with quality ingredients AND with the consumer’s health in mind. This equates to heavy testing and trials before being put on the market. I spoke with the owners directly and got a really great vibe about their goals and dedication to what they are all about. Smith-Bryant Labs makes some really great products and if you’d like to try them out, right now Promo code: Lean will get you 50% of the LEAN product and Promo code: Rush will get you 25% off the RUSH product.

*I am not a doctor and you need to check with a doctor before taking any type of supplements. No matter how well tested, any supplement can have an adverse effect on someone. We are all different and different products will affect each person differently. Just like food allergies, not everything agrees with people. I am also not saying that you NEED to take supplements. Some people prefer to take them when they are having trouble pushing through a plateau, and others don’t feel comfortable taking them and that is PERFECTLY OK. Again supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT, they are not a cure-all and you have to exercise and eat well to get great results.


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