Sunday/Monday Workouts + JUST START

Good morninggg! Okay seriously, it’s 3AM and I’m wide awake. Not by choice, but because I am opening at the gym today. Lovely. To be honest, I don’t really mind. It really means I get to do my workout and get paid for it, since not too many people are there this early, but moving on…..

Sunday Glute/Ham +Sprints

Sundays are definitely my favorite day of the week now. I used to hate them because Monday was the next day, but I love the places I work so the week is never a bad thing for me. Reason #1 to do things you love people!

I woke up Sunday morning and headed to the gym to get a short but sweet glute/ham workout in. Instead of doing marathon workouts for my glutes/hams, I cut them down but make them really tough. Tough as in I’m dripping with sweat by the end, and it only takes me 30 minutes.  I did:

 stiff legged deadlifts superset with prone ham curls

Bosu hip thrusts with barbell superset with quadruped hip extension under the reverse hyper.

Afterwards I headed to the track for my FAVORITE workout of the week: SPRINTS. I am loving sprints so much. I haven’t jogged in about a month because I just got sick of it, and I am deciding that I really like sprinting effects better than jogging effects. Win/WiN!

8 x 100

4 x 50

4 x 10

4 x side shuffle to sprint

1 x 400

I had 2 people join me for the workout and we were all beat by the end. There are a few other people who are there every Sunday as well, who actually do track meets still(they are in their late 40’s…proof that it’s never too old!) These guys are in kick ass shape and their jog is my sprint. No joke. One of them actually thinks I should try to do a meet, so the seed is planted but I’m not making any promises. My age group would probably be the fastest one out there, and I think he’s on glue, because I’m seriously not a fast sprinter compared to those guys.

Monday Workout

Monday’s workout consisted of Shoulders and 45 minutes of cardio. My shoulders were sore 2 hours after my lift. Hot damn.(really? who says that?)

Afterwards, I SOO did not want to do any cardio, but before I let myself talk me out of it, I just hopped on the stepmill and before I knew it I had 6 minutes left.

Tip: You are not always going to WANT to work out. Even me, who LOVES working out, has days where I walk in the gym and just want to curl in a ball on the couch and do 4 sets of napping. Sometimes you just have to start and that’s all you need, sometimes you will dread it the entire time you are doing, but just turn your brain off and start moving! This doesn’t mean that if your body is truly telling you that you shouldn’t work out that you shouldn’t listen, because you definitely should, but when it’s just your mind that doesn’t feel like doing it, well JUST START.


2 thoughts on “Sunday/Monday Workouts + JUST START

  1. Way to get it done. You are soooo right about not always wanting to workout. There are always “those” days when you’re just not feeling it. I’m with you though, most of the time, if you just get going, you’ll get it done and feel better in the end.


  2. “Just start” – isn’t THAT the truth?! I just kind of go through the motions to get to the gym, like autopilot, and like you – i’m just done all of a sudden and I feel SO much better! Love it!

    Great leg workout!!


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