Where does the time go?

The days, weeks and months are flying by right now! I haven’t posted in a few days and it seems so fast!

Wednesday I got a KILLER leg workout, and Thursday a KILLER back workout. Both left me insanely sore. I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week, and today I am taking my first complete rest day in 3 weeks!! Much needed, my friends.

Exciting Stuff

-I will be a contributor on a fitness competitor website in the coming months. I will give you the link when the first installment is up, but I’m really excited about it!!

-I am doing a photo shoot for a company I have worked with before in the next few months. It should be fun, and it will be out at the lake AKA: My favorite place ever!!!

-Working on some sponsorship opportunities so keep your fingers crossed for me :):)

Other than that, I’m still training hard and sticking to my diet. I did have one day of bad eating, but other than that things have been going smoothly and I’m noticing changes in my body which is ALWAYS FUN 🙂

I am exactly 15 weeks out today which is a lot of time, but no time at the same time.(Hmm, can I say time any more times?? AHHH haha i’m a dork.)

Do you have any questions for me? I’m putting together a Q&A Post with some frequently asked questions, so ask away!


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