Healthy vs. Extreme

Pauline Nordin talks about it quite a bit, and it’s a topic that has recently been brought up between myself and a friend.

Am I being too extreme?

This is a rhetorical question(i think, english isn’t my best subject ;-)).

Working out>partying

Eating chicken and veggies at home> eating “normal” food at a restaurant

I’ve been recently told that I have an “unhealthy balance” when it comes to working out and eating well.

Here is what I have to say about that:

CORRECT!! Except I don’t think it’s unhealthy. Is it extreme? You bet. Do I love it? YUP! It makes me happy, HOW is that unhealthy? I feel better than I ever have in my life, and I wake up in the mornings excited to start the day. I still hang out with my friends, and although I don’t go out as much as I used to, I still have the same friends that I did before I started this. Sure, I’ve lost some friends, but none that were very significant in my life, otherwise they would have stayed in my life. I don’t have any enemies(to my knowledge) and I do my best to be a good friend.

Working out is more than just a hobby to me. It is something I want to take to another level. I want to continue competing, I want to create a career out of it, and I want to show others how to make healthy living a part of their life. I don’t tell other people that they should go be extreme and workout for hours each day. If that’s what they want, then I will be behind them, but if that ISN’T what they want, then you better believe I will support that as well. In fact, I will support almost any lifestyle that someone chooses. After all, it is THEIR life. If I don’t agree with a lifestyle, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. If I think it is something that is going to hurt me or hurt them(basically if their chosen life is to be addicted to drugs, murder, theft, etc.) then I probably won’t stick around to watch, but even then, I’m not going to interfere unless it is my place to do so(i.e. family member, good friend, etc.)

I wish that I could receive the same treatment. I am not asking others to do what I do. All I am asking is that they realize that this is something that I WANT TO DO. And it’s more than what I mentioned above. Working out is my outlet. Working out is an option 24 hours a day 7 days a week, holidays included. The outdoors never close, and if they do, I have a floor in my living room and I’m sure I could make a great workout there if I wanted to. In other words, it doesn’t ever let me down. My life is far from perfect, yet I still manage to be happy. I owe a lot of that to the time spent working out. You think you are just working your muscles when you work out? No, in fact, you are working your brain more than anything. Whether it is to relieve stress, or to use your mind to push yourself through the last few reps, your brain is what is working the hardest. Your muscles just follow along, they don’t have to think.

In my life, and moreso in the past 5 years, I have been faced with drug addiction, alcoholism, a broken family, and watching family members basically rot because of addictions, and a lot of money problems. I still wake up every day(for the most part) with a smile on my face and endorphins that are through the ROOF! I will often write on facebook that it is “illegal to have this much energy and excitement this early in the morning.” Why and how am I able to feel this way??? Because I have found something that helps me cope. I have found something bigger and better than me and something that challenges my mind, body and willpower every single day. There is no rest, it is continuous, and when all shit hits the fan, it is always there waiting for me to challenge it again.

The rewards that I have reaped from this whole “working out thing” are intangible. You can’t buy or sell them and they are something that only YOU can get. People can help you along the way, but you can’t pay someone to do the work for you. It is all YOU, and when you push past barriers and continue to beat your challenges, you are left with the greatest gift you could ever receive.

I encourage everyone to live YOUR life the way YOU want it. Live for YOU and nobody else. Choose your own path and let others choose theirs.


6 thoughts on “Healthy vs. Extreme

  1. I’m with Jenny – amen, girl! You do what you do and you love it so be it – I personally envy it and am inspired by you! It’s wonderful that you’ve found something so good for you to help you in so many ways – you’re a lucky girl!! 🙂


  2. Awesome post babe, i am SO with you! Health and fitness is the BEST addiction ever. People who think otherwise are probably just jealous of your will power to stay strong on your healthy path. Keep believing in yourself and much success will come your way =)


  3. My thoughts are when people say those things to you, it isn’t really about you. It is about them and how they feel ashamed deep down of the way they live their lives. They are living unhealthy and don’t have the drive or dedication to make a change so they try to bring down others that are doing it. It make them feel better to comment on your lifestyle because they don’t have the balls to face up to what they really want out of life and go for it. It’s not about you so try not to take it personally…although that is easier said than done.
    You have a great head on your (strong!) shoulders and seem very mature…so I know you will continue making your way in this world no matter what the haters say!
    adventures in tri-ing


  4. X2 what everyone else said! I have run into this too and it’s hard not to take it personally at times. JUST KEEP DOING YOUR THING! There are a whole bunch of people out there like us who agree and support you – let the others hate on ya for whatever reason. If it makes you happy to live the way you live, who cares? I personally think it’s disgusting to see morbidly obese people shoving pizza in their faces at the all you can eat buffets but I’m not tellin them they are unhealthy! I am sick of the double standards!! DO WHAT YOU DO HONEY!!


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