i’m back!!


I’m back from California. I had such a good time and the weather was awesome! I soooo want to live there. I’m trying to scheme up a way to make that happen, but until then I will be visiting often πŸ˜€

I got to work out at Iron gym in Santa Monica while I was there. It’s a small gym but has good equipment and was in walking distance. I also was able to hike Runyon Canyon in Hollywood….beautiful!!!

We walked around a TON there and my calves were So sore from it. It’s funny, just regular walking makes my calves sore haha. We walked at least 6+ miles on Friday and a good amount of time Saturday as well.

Today’s workout was legs with my trainer and 40 minutes of cardio. We took my measurements and I had a REALLY good week. I don’t want to throw out numbers, but we had to measure a few times to make sure it was right. I love progress πŸ™‚

17 weeks away and feeling GREATTT.

Tomorrow is boxing, hiking(maybe), Back and Triceps and then off to Tucson for the day. I am a little travel bug lately. I love it:)


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