I guess I forgot about blogging yesterday. My bad.

To recap, I tried my first hot yoga class on Monday! The verdict? LOVE. Well, REALLY LIKE. Haha, i wouldn’t say i’m in love, but who knows it could grow.

I love the fact that you sweat like crazy. Literally more than anything. I’ve lived in AZ my whole life, and even played outdoor sports in the 120 degree heat during the summer, but 105 degrees of HUMID heat is a different story(AZ is a dry heat.). The studio I go to is tough, but manageable. I went again today.

The only downside of the hot yoga is that it DRAINSSSS me of any and all energy. All I want to do is sleep the whole rest of the day. Granted I have been doing other workouts before the hot yoga, but still, it kills me. I am going to keep going until my two week pass is up, and then I will probably just go randomly, seeing as it’s pretty expensive.


Tuesday: Back and Biceps + 60 minutes incline walking on the tready.

For the back/biceps workout I did: Rack Pull ups, DB curls, Lat Pulldowns, Preacher curls, Seated row, cable side arm curls, t-bar rows and cable hammer curls. I went pretty heavy (8-10 reps with drop sets for the last set of most exercises)

Wednesday(today!) QUAD/PLYO Day. + hot yoga

leg extensions, squat press, hack squat, decline leg press, step up jumps, db walking lunges, in/out box jumps, cable squats, sprinter jumps, anddd frog leaps i think. It was a circuit that i did with a group. Friday I will do a glute/ham attack on my own.

I’m really tired right now, but don’t have to be up really early tomorrow. Of course, I’m sure I’ll end up waking up at the crack of dawn, but I’m not going to set an alarm. I’m trying to down my fiberlyze right now(wheat bran/psyllium husk mixture by Species) but i’m having to do it in shots and chasing it with water haha. It tastes like lemony-death water. Jealous?!


4 thoughts on “Ooops!

  1. Jaemi says:

    When I was in Mesa last year I tried the Hot Yoga and lost the entire rest of my day I was so exhausted. This one guy’s pants kept falling off…they were so heavily soaked with sweat. When class was over he had to hold his pants up…they were that heavy. STINKY !!


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