You know it’s a good workout when….

you leave the Stepmill SHAKING!!

Let me back up…..

Got up at 4am again this morning. I really think the earlier I workout, the more pumped I get. Weird, I know.

Today was a glute/ham day 😀

-Stiff Legged Dead Lift/Prone Ham Curl/Quadruped Hip Extension under the Reverse Hyper

-DB Sumo Squats/DB Single Leg Stiff Legged Deadlifts

-45 Hypers(glute focus)/Reverse Hack Squat

(Watch this video to see how I did these two exercises.)

I feel like I did something else too but I can’t remember.

Afterwards I headed to the stepmill. I did the Fat Burner setting(although I don’t believe it is any different than any other setting…just wanted a change intensity) at level 10. I put on my headphones and just pushed through it and when I get done I was shaking. Good stuff 🙂

Today I’m working until 1, hair appointment at 2, and then another bachelorette party tonight!! I’m so excited. I always have a ton of fun with her. We like to make fun of people together. Like drunk old men trying to dance with no rhythm. Then we imitate it 🙂 Good times.

Boot camp tomorrow morning!!


2 thoughts on “You know it’s a good workout when….

  1. LOL!!! yeah,i think you need to make up a good list of:
    “you know its been a great workout when….”
    kinda like whats his face with “you might be a redneck if…”
    gotta love the leg days-i got those in today too and felt surprisingly goos-about to go run outside with baby girl in the running stroller!
    have a great weekend and have fun tonight!!!


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