IHRSA 2010 Recap

If you didn’t know, I was gone this past week working at the IHRSA 2010. (Click on the link for more details.)

Basically, it is a huge international trade show in San Diego. Every exercise equipment company I could think of was there and it was HUGE! Apparently it has actually shrunk since previous years, but still, a very big show.

I was working at the Keiser Performance booth doing demos and bringing traffic to the booth. Keiser equipment is SO COOL!! I had never had the opportunity to try their equipment before and now I’m in search of a gym that has it. Right now Athlete’s Performance is the only place I know of, but let’s face it, that’s a little out of my price range 😉

Keiser’s focus is on POWER. In a macadamia shell, strength x speed = POWER. You can be strong as hell, but if you have no speed, you don’t have power and vice versa.

Keiser has a ton of different types of equipment from spin bikes, to striders, to AIR RESISTED machines. These are what I am currently obsessed with. The technical description of how it works is here, but basically you set your resistance on, say, a squat machine and work on the explosive movements of a squat. These machines tell you your power output(in watts) and the percentage of power you are using. Very cool, and showed me just how powerful I am not! I’ve always known I don’t have much speed or explosiveness, but this has inspired me to work on that issue!

Okay, moving on. This was probably the most fun expo/trade show I have ever worked! Keiser was great to work with, and the show itself was just fun.(Um, hello, I basically got to play on a gym equipment playground!)

The people that I met at this show were….interesting. I made a lot of great connections and had some wonderful networking opportunities, but while handing out stress balls, we encountered some hilarious people. All I’m going to say is I think I am now married to a 45 year old man from China. Apparently tossing him a stress ball while a train is coming means I want to marry him, according to him. No worries, his wife took our picture…..(i really hope he e-mails me the picture because then I can fully explain the story and try to convey just how funny the experience was.)

All kidding aside though, it was a blast.

Outside of the trade show, we were staying at a friend of mine’s in Carlsbad. He was generous enough to let me stay there while he’s gone. I will just let the pictures paint the story of how jealous I am that he lives here. He lives RIGHT on the beach.

It was so beautiful there and it just confirmed how badly I want to move there. I will get there eventually!

My roommate and I also were able to find a great gym to workout at while there. We tried to get a 3 day pass at 24 hour fitness in Carlsbad, but the guy wanted to charge us $70!!! For 3 days!! No thanks…..the gym we went to next was much nicer and gave us a 3 day pass for free.

I should also mention, working for Keiser’s booth also entailed 30 minute spin or strider classes 2-3 times per day. That plus the weight training and cardio that my roommate and I did BEFORE the trade show each day, meant I definitely got my cardio in 😉 Only 2.5 hours per day…no big deal……… 😡

Thank you to Paco and Buddy for teaching the BEST spin/strider classes, and to all the other people at Keiser who made this show so much fun! Also thanks to Clark Bartram for giving me the opportunity to work the booth and being an inspiration as always!


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