NOT sick.

Hola amigos.

Como esta? Okay, no more espanol. No seriously.

So I woke up today in a grumpy mood. For absolutely no reason. As I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical before breakfast at my little apartment gym, I tried to figure out what was pissing me off. Nope, nada.

I got done and headed back to my apartment and drank my protein shake. Still grumpy. I made my egg whites with spinach, mushroom, tomatos and onions. It was amaz-az-ing, and then headed to the gym.

I got in a great back/biceps workout today! My muskulls were completely failing by the end: SUCCESS.

Lat pulldowns/High cable rows

T bar rows/T rope

Straight arm pulldowns/low one arm cable rows

ez bar curls/rope hammer curl

4 sets of each superset.

I finished off the workout with 30 minutes on the stepmill. Twas shweaty.

I was STILL in a bad mood at this point, so I went outside in the perfect 75 degree, sunny weather and just hung out in the sun. I thought maybe some vit-D could shake the mood.. Nope!

At that point I just accepted that I was having one of those days and tried to look at the positive. It didn’t really change my mood, but I rolled with it anyways. I think I was just pretty tired from a just-okay night of sleep.

I worked through the afternoon and then came home and had a protein shake with green beanssss. I love me some green beans and they actually made my day a little better. Noted. 😉

I cooked and cleaned and replied to some e-mails, and then made another egg surprise: spinach, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, 1 egg, 5 whites. And of course Hot saunce! I am addicted 😀

I feel like I might be getting sick, but I am determined to not let myself get sick. It just IS NOT going to happen.(Maybe if i keep repeating that I won’t get sick?? I’m a weirdo and I actually believe in that kinda thing ;-))

Okay, off to bed to sleep this thing off!

Tomorrow’s agenda:

30 min. AM cardio


30 minutes more cardio

worky work

Sprint workout

schooly school 😡



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