Great day and Things I love

Well yesterday’s bad mood was replaced with an amazing mood today 🙂 Love it! Just goes to show, for every downside, there is an upside.

I’m currently at work right now at the gym. I was working out and my manager needed to leave, so I told him I’d work the rest of his shift. I got to finish lifting and do a half hour of cardio while working. Not too shabby 😉

This morning’s workout included 30 minutes of AM cardio before breakfast(elliptical) and then it was time for Chest and Triceps!

4 sets of each superset

Barbell Incline Press/Incline Pushups

DB Flat Bench Press/Wide Grip Pushups

Pec Dec/Bosu Pushups

Decline Pushups/Rope Pulldown

Skull Crushers/One Arm Overhead Extension/Bench Dips

I know I’ve said this a bagillion times, but pushups are my favorite thing to do on chest day. I just think it is such a great exercise for your entire body, and they always challenge me.

After that workout, I hit up the stepmill for a sweaty 30 minutes of speed intervals.

I figured I’d let you all in on some of my favorite things. These are things I swear by.

-Chia Seeds: You may already know about my obsession, but I like to call these little seeds of greatness Nature’s Redbull. They give me energy, they are the perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, and they just rock. I put them in oats, sometimes I let them soak in water and make a pudding with them using cinnamon and stevia, and sometimes I add them to shakes. These.things.rock.

Quinoa-OH yes. Quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain, but it is probably one of the best complex carbohydrates you can get. Quinoa has higher protein, fiber, and antioxidants than your typical brown rice, oats, etc. The flavor is kind of a nutty flavor, hard to describe, but it’s good! I also have gotten started on Quinoa flakes. These are ground down to little flakes(kind of looks like confetti lol) but I’ve used this in place of oatmeal in the mornings. It works for a sweet oatmeal, but is better as a savory “oatmeal.”

XTend: This is a powder form of your BCAA’s(Branched Chain Amino Acids.) Although there is artificial sweetener in this, it tastes great and is a good way to get your BCAA’s in. Powder form is usually a better choice than pill, and let’s face it, plain BCAA’s in powder form doesn’t taste very good. I like to mix 2 scoops of Xtend with 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder post workout. It takes on the taste of the Xtend and assures I’m getting my protein and BCAA’s right after my workout. There are tons of flavors but I like watermelon and lemon lime.(I pronounce BCAA’s like Bacaws!(think of a chicken haha. yes i am a weirdo, thanks for asking.))

Walnuts: You may have heard of these things?? 😉 Anyways, although I do love my beloved almonds, these are a nutritional superstar! Walnuts are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. The texture of them is probably why I like them so much, and they are surprisingly filling for the amount you can eat at a time. They are higher in fat, and therefore much more calorie dense than almonds, but I think it’s worth it. Even loving them as much as I do, I don’t ever have a problem eating too many of them. They are very satisfying. I usually eat about 1/2 ounce at a time. It is seriously like 6 walnut halves, so not much, but oh well. 1/2 ounce is about 95 calories, so it is the perfect addition to a balanced meal.

Anyways, I have about a million other favorite things, but those are just the ones I have been going with lately. Coconut oil and avocados also top my list, but I’ll save those for a different day. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or visit my website and you can contact me there as well!



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