Week 15 and Carbs!~

Week 16 went great. I depleted for 6 days (carbs were 50-75g, calories were roughly 1600 per day.) I did this to kick start my 16 week journey. From here on out I’ll probably only do 2-3 low carb days at a time, followed by a high carb day.

Bring on Week 15!! To kick it off, I got my carbs today!

So far I’ve had:

Protein Shake + Fruit bowl(blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, grapes)

1/2 sweet potato + 6  egg whites


2 small Ezekiel tortillas topped with Justin’s Almond Butter(2 TBSP), 2 TBSP Sugar free jelly, and 1 medium banana.

I’m insanely full and I need to let this food digest so I can go get a workout in at the gym. The weather here is rainy, so I’m going to get a HIIT on the treadmill and do some plyo work. Not sure exactly what yet, but I’ll let ya know 😉

After my workout, I’m planning on the other half of my sweet potato and more egg whites.

It’s funny, all i’ve really wanted today are veggies, but I know I’ll regret not eating the carbs if I wait any longer.

Week 16

Week 15 begins today! This prep is going to fly by!


One thought on “Week 15 and Carbs!~

  1. The fruit bowl sounds yummy! I’m craving pineapple right now. Can’t believe it is raining there…my parents called a while ago and were driving over the border into Arizona!! Lucky ducks.
    Have a great Sunday…
    adventures in tri-ing


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