Great Conditioning Workout

So since it was raining like crazy here, I headed to the gym today. I wanted to do something different, so I put this little circuit together. It was HARD and I was a sweaty mess afterwards. I finished it off with 30 minutes of incline walking(10%, 3.5 mph – 15% 3.3.mph).

Edited to add: I also did some glute work. 3 sets each of Reverse hypers (30lbs), Quadruple Hip Extensions(30 lbs per leg), Band/Weighted Hip Thrusts(red band + 20 lbs)

This workout is a great conditioning/athletic workout:

-10 minute jog on the treadmill: 6.5mph 1% incline

-15 High Box Jumps(the height will vary from person to person, but i used about a 3 foot box…use whatever you are comfortable with, but make it hard enough that you really have to use a lot of force to jump on top. If you fall and break your skull, don’t blame me :))

-15 Pull ups to burpees(jump to pull up, and do a slow negative down, then perform a burpee. I was asked what a burpee is, and it is hard to explain, so here is a video to show you what the exercise looks like with the pull up) Maybe someday I can be hardcore and do 100 of them. I see a goal in the future 🙂

-50 pound sled drive up and back(i don’t know the distance that i do, but i would assume it’s 20-25 yds each way??)

-5 minute jog at 6.5mph 1% incline

 repeat the circuit 3 times. If you’re not sweating, you are in ridiculously good shape and need to start training on top of mount everest 😀

It was very good, and my legs were starting to give out on the last set of the high box jumps.

I will be doing this more often, you can be sure 🙂


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