Leg Day!

It’s Wednesday. AKA Hump Day, but better known around here as LEG DAY! 🙂

I love leg days. The past few weeks I’ve been doing the workouts on my own, but decided to do them with Ernie today.

The workout was good, and he added in a pull up to burpee into the mix. New favorite exercise! Love it!!

I’m exhausted and sore. The sprints from yesterday fired up my hamstrings, and I’m already feeling the quad work from today.

On leg days, I only do 30 minutes of light cardio, so I did that and then decided to spend money at Ross buying things I don’t need. Lovely.

Can’t wait to go home, eat and go to sleep. I’m feeling a cold might be coming on but I’m determined to fight it off! I’ve been drinking tons of water, will be upping my vitamins and getting plenty of rest. That’s the best medicine in my opinion.

Have a good one!


3 thoughts on “Leg Day!

  1. I feel ya on the getting sick part. My throat is starting to feel…itchy and I keep swallowing so I know I’m “trying” to get sick. Hopefully it won’t happen because I’m on a roll this week with workouts.

    Today was my leg day as well- P90X legs dvd that is.

    What are burpees? I think I know but…..remind me? LOL


  2. I hope you don’t get sick! I’ve had something for the last few days and I’m ready for it to be gone!!!
    Burpee pullups….oh snap! My bro loves those…I am not there yet.
    adventures in tri-ing


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