Two’s day

Today has been awesome. I’m on cloud 9 and I’m loving it. I need to hit up facebook study for a test so let’s get right to it.


I skipped boxing this morning. I woke up in time to go, but I had other plans in my head. I grabbed my food, and headed to the gym early to get in 30 minutes of cardio before breakfast. Just a light session on the elliptical. I’m pretty sure I didn’t start sweating until the last 5 minutes of it. I really don’t think I am going to do that thing anymore.

Anyways, I finished that, ate my quinoa/wheat bran surprise(1/4 cup cooked quinoa, 1/4 cup wheat bran, 3 egg whites, 1 scoop protein powder) and then chilled for a while to let my food digest. Then it was time for chest/tri’s!


-barbell flat bench/wide grip pushups

-pec deck/incline pushups/kettle bell swings

-kink bar pushdowns/bosu pushups/kettle bell swings

-reverse grip pulldowns/decline pushups/kettle bell swings

-overhead cable extension/bench dips

I threw the kettle bell swings into the mix last minute to get my heart rate up. It kinda worked but for whatever reason nothing was really getting my heart rate up this morning. I was pushing hard too, so not really sure what that was about.

After that workout, i hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes of incline walking. Started at 3.5mph 10% and moved it up to 15 % incline. This got my heart rate up and made me a sweaty mess 🙂

Drank my protein shake, chilled a little, ate my food (chicken/green bell peppers/broccoli w/ cucumbers and walnuts) and headed to take a test on the  complete other side of town.

I finished my test, ate more food(ground turkey, more cucumbers and walnuts) and ran a few errands. Then I hit up the park to do a Sprint workout

I pushed myself hard today. I was just in the zone. The kind of mental place where you feel like a warrior ready to battle. I did 8 80 yard sprints, 8- 40 yard sprints, 4- 20 yard sprints, and finished off with 2 sets of suicides. By the time I got done I was shaking. Twas good 🙂

Now I’m just facebooking studying for another test and going to cook some food for the rest of the week when I get home. Then it’s bed time!



2 thoughts on “Two’s day

  1. Hey there!! I have a question for you oh weights guru!! How on earth do you (as a chick) stop your traps from getting gargantuan? I need help! Im scared Im getting a massive man neck? I adore lifting but dont wanna be bulky! help me Lizzio!!!

    LOve Lizzie x


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