Long time no talk eh?? I’ve been busy, and I thought I’d just let you guys see the “athlete” posts. I will update my workouts for this week if you scroll down!

I just wanted to put it out there that I am officially launched!  My website is so feel free to check it out 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it!


Okay, let’s see if I can remember 🙂 I’m really sore this week and they’ve all been good!

Monday: 20 minute jog, 10 minute incline walk (15% 3.3mph), 30 minute elliptical sesh. For whatever reason after that cardio session I was shaking. Very bizarre, seeing as it wasn’t the hardest workout, but i’ll take it. Afterwards I hit up back/biceps. I did assisted pull ups, EZ bar curls, Neutral grip lat pulldowns, db hammer curls, t-rope, round house curls, t bar row, side arm curls and i think i did something else but i can’t remember what it was….(all sets were 20-25 reps)

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run through my neighborhood, followed by chest/triceps workout: DB bench, cable flys, rope pulldown, overhead extension, skull crushers, reverse pulldowns. Each set was superset with a variation of pushups, so a total of 130 pushups were done in that workout as well. I really dislike doing chest, but i love pushups (the difficulty of them and the mental push that comes with it, not to mention the great benefits) so I find that picking 2-3 weighted chest exercises and doing a ton of pushups is my favorite way to do it. Plus, i’m not really trying to build my chest up….or at least not in that way 😉

Wednesday: Leg day!!!!! I am super sore from this workout. I did: Deadlifts, full squats, jump squats, bulgarian squats, quadrupled hip extensions underneat the reverse hyper, and banded hip thrusts. The banded hip thrusts were awesome. My old trainer taught me this. Click here for a video link. That is actually him doing them too haha. But definitely the best glute exercise in my opinion! If you don’t have a skorcher(most gyms dont) you can put two flat benches a few feet apart and rig it. It’s kind of annoying, but worth it! I do it every wednesday 🙂 I finished the workout with 30 minutes on the elliptical. I keep cardio light on leg days for obvious reasons.

Thursday: I hit up cardio first today again(when i’m not trying to build muscle, i do cardio either before or after my weight training, depending on how i feel. when trying to build muscle, i always do cardio after my weight lifting to ensure my weight lifting sessions are as optimal as possible.) I did 40 minutes of various incline walking. I was a sweaty and tired mess by the end=success. I hit up shoulders and abs afterwards and shoulders are already feeling sore! I did: seated smith machine military press(explosive, so i was coming down slowly and exploding up, kind of like when your on ecstasy. im kidding i’ve never tried ecstasy, but i imagine it might be something like that haha), hanging leg raises in the captains chair, db lateral raises, med ball decline sit ups, seated rear delt raise, med ball russian twists, cable crossovers, and lying leg raises on the decline bench.

It’s been a really great week of workouts and food. I also watched Food, Inc. yesterday and it made me re-think EVERYTHING. I am still not sure what I am going to do as far as meat goes. I am going to try to buy as much egg/chicken and produce at the farmer’s market from now on, but I don’t make enough money to buy it ALL there. So, i’ll have to do my best. But if you haven’t seen the movie, i suggest you do. It is unbeLIEVABLE!!! Seroiusly eye opening and horrifying.

Tomorrow is yoga, some car-dio, boxing w/ J-dizzle and that’s it. I’ve lifted all my body parts for this week, and i’m sore pretty much everywehre, so that’s good 🙂

Oh, almost forgot! I’m going to the Phoenix Pro Show on Saturday so if anyone will be there drop me a line! 🙂 I met one of the top photographers today, Ralph Dehaan. He was at the gym shooting a few pros(2 that workout at my gym, and the other was Felicia Romero. She’s insanely pretty and much tinier than i would have thought! ) Good times!

Catch ya later.


4 thoughts on “Launched!

  1. (explosive, so i was coming down slowly and exploding up, kind of like when your on ecstasy. im kidding i’ve never tried ecstasy, but i imagine it might be something like that haha)

    OMG you crack me up! Seriously, I laughed out loud…

    So, elliptical to you is light cardio? Then why the hell am I huffing and puffing? I do use inlcline and resistance a lot with it- am I still getting a good enough cardio workout to burn fat??? LIZ!!! haha


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