Just call me McGyver :)

Sunday Funday right?!

Today has been a pretty odd day so far. Bring it.

I did get surprised with a rose from my friend Brian, though. That was sweet of him. I have good friends and it’s something I’ll always be thankful for. (no, he doesn’t like me, i don’t like him,  we’ve just been good friends for years.)

Let’s start with last night….

It was my sister’s birthday so we went out to dinner and to a bar afterwards. I stuck with grilled chicken on lettuce with no dressing(the server was supposed to bring me vinegar but that never happened. It was good without it though.) And also had a side of grilled veggies: mushrooms, eggplant and red bell peppers. They were UN believably good! Nothing else on them, but grilling veggies just brings the flavor out so much! Our server was awesome too. I kept telling him I wanted the Swan Pizza served on a silver platter. He thought it was funny. I always try to make jokes with servers because I know when it comes  time for me to order I can be difficult with all of my requests. This usually helps them get it right the first time 🙂 Because if the salad comes on top of the spaghetti?? I send it back. (Office anyone?!)

Anyways, being the grandma that I am, I was home in bed by about midnight.

I woke up early this morning so that I could cook my food for the day. I ran out yesterday. I cooked up my chicken, asparagus, green beans and packed my meals up. I got to cleaning the kitchen, which resembled a World War II battlefield.  I scrubbed the countertops, kitchen floor, refrigerator from top to bottom and stove. I even vacuumed, too. Just call me Martha….oh wait, I’m McGyver today…more on that in a minute.

The Workout

I headed to the track for my workout this morning.

I did….

2 slow laps followed by some dynamic stretches

2 slow laps followed by some light plyo work(butt kickers, high knees, karaokes)

5 bleachers

sprinted 8 80’s

sprinted 4 40’s

Then tried to do suicides(shuttle runs? whatever you want to call them. I have a dark soul so I will call them suicides.(i kid, i kid….i don’t even have a soul…;-)))

Finished up by stretching out because I could tell my quads and hips were getting tight. I am sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!


I got to work after my workout, and was pleasantly surprised with a work computer full of viruses. (Virusi?) Let’s just say, I’ve watched more porn today than Charlie Sheen pre-rehab. It’s not my fault though! The windows just keep popping up. I tried running anti-virus software and it wouldn’t even open. The only thing that would open was Mozilla. So I found some free anti-virus software, downloaded it, ran the hour long virus check, deleted some cookies(computer ones, not real ones, that would be too painful :)), restarted the computer and OH YEAH. Computer is working fine(well, fine for a shitty computer that has a million problems.) I must be a genius or something 🙂

I also got to deal with some “brother drama” today. I love how his friends randomly get my phone number and ask ME to try to get their money back from him that they stupidly lent to him. Sorry, but if you lend money to a drug addict, you are an idiot. That’s all.

There are a whopping 3 people working out here today, and I am bored out of my mind.


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