Lake Season is approaching

Lake season is coming up, and I am seriously having withdrawals!!

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that last year I was at the lake at least once a week between March and July. Rough life huh?

Reminisce with me….

Relaxing after a long day at the lake….this is the best time of day to be at the lake by far……..

I WILL clear the wake this year!!! it is one of my goals!!

Some of the regular crew, minus Danny and Rick.

All I have to say is there are not many things in the world that make me happier than hanging out at the lake with good friends,  Laughing, wakeboarding, and enjoying the scenery and weather.

March is only a month away!! Here’s to a great 2010 lake season!!!!


5 thoughts on “Lake Season is approaching

  1. Abby says:

    You are so lucky! Lake season doesn’t start here until June if we are lucky! The lake is my favorite place to be too!! I like your pics!


  2. woo hoo! I love the lake too! We’re going to try to use Austin’s parents lake house a lot more this year. It’s SO nice to be out on the water. chillin. I like the lake SO much more than the beach!


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