Great Track Workout


I just got back from Tucson yesterday. I went to watch the NPC Desert Muscle Classic. It was a very small show…only 50 total competitors.

Let’s see.

Friday was a toughhhhhh day for workouts. I woke up early and went to yoga. It stretched me out well, and then I hit up the treadmill for an hour. I did a half hour of sprint intervals and jogging, and then 30 minutes of incline walking. I alternated between 3.3mph-4.0mph and 10-15% incline. I was a sweaty mess afterwards. I then spent an hour and a half with a trainer doing shoulders, chest and triceps. It left me absolutely dead. It didn’t stop there though. I had a 30 minute session doing one on one boxing. He absolutely killed me. At the very end of the workout he had me do 15 sledge hammers, 15 pushups, 20 jack knifes, 2 sled pushes and a lap around the building. Normally, running a lap is my recovery and I can just jog out all the lactic acid. This lap around the building made me feel like it was Day 1 on the Biggest Loser. No joke, I have never felt so completely winded in my life haha. Good times.

No workout Saturday, other than a short hike with my sister.

The Track Workout

I reccomend this! Try it and let me know what you think.

-Jog 4 laps(1 mile)

-Do two laps. Sprint the straightaways, and walk the corners.

-Do side shuffles back and forth 4 times (about 25 meters worth each way). Do 10 jumping lunges in between each leg of the shuffles.(So side shuffle down, 10 jumping lunges, side shuffle back, 10 jumping lunges, etc.)

-Do 1 set of star pushups. Get in a pushup position, do 2 pushups, then walk your hands around and do 2 more pushups. (think of yourself as the hand on a clock. You do 2 pushups at 12 o clock, 2 pushups at 3 o clock, 2 pushups at 6 o clock, etc.)

-100 jump ropes

-Suicides. Pick 4 marks about 20 meters apart. Start at one end, run to the first marker and run back to the beginning. Then run to the second marker and then back to the beginning, etc.

We did this 3 times through. It was great! We finished up the workout with frog leaps up the bleachers, then side lunges up the bleachers and a few ab moves to finish it off.

Have a great Superbowl Sunday! I’ll be at work until 6pm. I am almost positive I will be the only person here, but it’s okay. I’ve got some homework to do, and might squeeze in a leg workout. Then I’m heading to a Superbowl Party with the guys! Should be a good time, I Haven’t seen them in a few weeks!



6 thoughts on “Great Track Workout

  1. “…like it was Day 1 on the Biggest Loser.”

    Made me laugh out loud 🙂

    That track workout sounds awesome!! I miss being in college having full access to a track!!


  2. I would love to try that workout…except I got tired just reading it!!! :> But it sounds like a workout I could take and mold into something I could do…thanks for the ideas!
    adventures in tri-ing


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