Who do you look like?

Like this beautiful girl, I decided to do a post based on the Facebook “phenomenon” going on right now called Doppelganger week. Many people are getting annoyed by it, but I think it’s kinda cool. So many people look RIDICULOUSLY similar to celebrities.

I’ve never really thought I looked like anyone…..

But then I came across this picture and realized, I do have a celebrity twin!!

or two

Who is your celebrity twin?


6 thoughts on “Who do you look like?

  1. OMG…I LOVE BEATLEJUICE. He is the funniest. People always say I look like Elizabeth Pena is RUSH HOUR (the first one). It must be the short hait. People have actually gone up to me and asked me if I was her. It’s happened so many times, I stopped counting.


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