This week+ What I’m doing

Hola!! Hope everyone has enjoyed the motivational posts this week. They help me, so I hope they help you as well.


This week seems like such a weird week to me! I don’t know what it is about it, but I feel like I’m on vacation or something.

Monday: This was a weird day. I met with a new trainer who I was referred to by Dae who was going to help me out with some flexibility stuff. Long story short, although he is really great trainer, we don’t necessarily meet eye to eye when it comes to training philosophy. So I did the stretching session with him, along with a small amount of shoulders. Before this, I jogged for 20 minutes(2.15 miles)

Afterwards, I worked on some boxing technique for about a half hour with a trainer/friend and then hit up the treadmill for 30 minutes of incline walking: 3.3 mph at 15% incline. I was a sweaty mess by the end. Success.

Tuesday: Somehow last week I must have done something during boxing, because my left wrist was all jacked up this week. I skipped boxing on Tuesday because I’m trying to be smarter about my training(i.e. NOT over training, and not doing something when i injure myself.). Instead, I got in a back/bicep workout. I did high reps which is so weird to me. I am not used to it and it is such a different feeling to get used to. I am used to doing 8-12 reps and being completely fatigued by the end, so doing 15-20 reps is something outside of my realm.

My workout was double supersets. It looked like this:

-back exercise superset with bicep exercise (20 reps each, 2 times in a row, then rested for 1 minute and repeat two more times doing 15 reps each)

Again, something i’m not used to, but I will get more comfortable with it as I go along. I guess I am just not used to feeling like my muscles are going to pop on that last rep.

I finished up the back/bicep workout with 30 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill. 15% at 3.3mph.

Wednesday: Leg Day!!! So no more heavy lifting for my legs either(details below.) I jogged for 20 minutes(2.15 miles) and then did legs with Ernie. This was a plyo/quad circuit consisting of….(doubt i will be able to remember it all but i’ll try…)

3 sets total of:

Leg extensions, sled pushes(more like 6 sets of this), Walking lunges(no DB’s for me), Up and overs, more walking lunges, box jump ups, Cable squat, burpees, mountain climbers, bench jump overs, frog leaps, more walking lunges, seated leg press(horizontal), decline leg press, hack squat, scissor jumps, plyo step ups, smith squats, more sled pushes

This took me over an hour and as always, left me sweating like a nun in the red light district.

No cardio on leg days, other than my warm up jog.

Thursday: NOTHING. Yeah, you read that right. This morning was a very weird day, and I was so out of routine and decided to make it my rest day. I was stressed out trying to do a bunch of things and get things ready for the weekend, so I just decided to rest. Probably a good thing. My boxing instructor has made sure to leave me plenty of nasty facebook posts reminding me that I am a lazy ass for missing BOTH classes this week, but I called him old so I think we’re even. 🙂 This week feels very easy to me, but I’ve been overtraining the past few weeks, so I am trying to get it through my thick skull that it is O.K. Too bad there isn’t a giant brain underneath that thick skull. In fact, I think it’s filled with gummy bears, but that’s just a personal opinion, not a scientific fact.

Friday:It isn’t Friday yet, but the plan is yoga, shoulders/chest/triceps, and then some light cardio. I am boxing one on one tomorrow too. Just have to be careful of the wrist, so I’m assuming it will be mostly kickboxing.

I am working tomorrow afternoon and then heading to Tucson to watch friends compete in the Desert Classic! I will also be helping out back stage if anyone needs help.

What I’m Doing

So you may be wondering what all of this light weight high rep stuff is about?? Well I’ve decided(which means nothing because I change my mind all the time…) that I am happy with the muscle I have put on and I do NOT want to put on anymore. My trainer Dae, who had not seen me workout in a few months, was really impressed by it. His exact words were “When you were competing last time, you had sort of teenager muscle, and now you have real fleshy muscle. ” We both agreed that we are really excited to see what it looks like after I am leaned out.

How I’m doing with Leaning out

This basically means how I’m doing with my eating haha. I am consistent with my workouts, and love them to death, so that is never an issue for me. A lazy week just means I don’t feel like gumby by the end of the week.

So onto the goods……Since January 1st, I would say I’ve been 80% committed. I was 100% solid for a few weeks, but have had some slip ups here and there the past few weeks. I’m going to try a stricter more intense approach for a few weeks. I am the first to say to ease into something, but I am an extremist. I’m on or I’m off, and I wanna be on. So I’m turning up the heat. I’m seeing results s.l.o.w.l.y, but I want to speed things up a little bit. I am very critical of myself and I don’t feel like I’m giving it my all, when I know I should be and when deep down I want to be. I’ll be the first to admit, that sometimes I let outside stressors get in the way of things. All I can say is that I’m learning and I won’t ever be perfect, but I can definitely be a lot better than I have been.

Hope everyone has a great night! Stay tuned for some exciting news 🙂

And if you haven’t already, become a fan of Ultimate Fitness Events on Facebook and comment “vote” underneath my picture. I am in the running to become their 2010 spokesmodel and would REALLY appreciate all of the votes I can get. I believe I would be a good fit for their organization and would love your help! Thanks again!!


2 thoughts on “This week+ What I’m doing

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan and some good motivation!!! Love reading about the new workouts just as much as the heavy lifting.
    Keep up the great work!
    adventures in tri-ing


  2. Well… that’s interessting but honestly i have a hard time understanding it… I mean I can see the point, but it just raises so many questions… wonder how others think about this..


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