Failure is a GOOD THING.

I’ve talked about this topic before. Every single one of us(myself included) has gotten down on ourselves due to a failure. Whether it was failing to make it to a workout, failing to keep up with a goal, or failing to stick to a commitment, it has happened to all of us, MANY TIMES.

People think of failure as a bad thing. It is frowned upon, and it is something that most of us fear. The truth is, failure is a GOOD THING.

If you never failed, you wouldn’t know how good it feels to succeed.

If you never failed, you wouldn’t appreciate the journey you have been on.

If you never failed, you would never have the chance to get back up again.

Often times a failure is followed by a rebound that is better than anyone could have ever expected. Failure can light a fire under your ass, and before you know it, you are on the pathway to success yet again, only this time more resiliant and with a greater passion.

I’ve posted this video before, but I’m doing it again.

I’ll leave you with another poem by Dr. Christopher Neck(this is the professor I raved about last semester…)

The Climb to The Top

There is a myth in this world.

In fact, it’s more of a tale.

It argues that successful people

Don’t ever really fail.

It’s time to destroy this point of view

Because it’s totally untrue.

The truth is that ambitious people

Fail just like me and you.

If you show me a multi-millionaire

With cash flowing all the time.

I bet at some point in her life,

She was destitute, without a dime.

And show me a renowned scientist,

One of the world’s best.

Probably during his education,

Failed to pass a test.

And finally, the world class athlete,

Wearing the gold medal that he dreamt,

Was once told he wasn’t good enough

To even make the attempt.

The point to all these examples

Is that successful people do fall.

They confront their share of obstacles

As they strive to attain it all.

Individuals who seek to live their dreams

Know what its like to hit the ground.

But they know that if they persevere,

Nothing can keep them down.

The key is not in never failing,

But the action that follows next.

Successful people get right back up.

They don’t stay down perplexed.

So as you strive to reach your ultimate peak,

Remember this little rhyme,

“If there were not any valleys,

There would be no mountains to climb.”


2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. I just came across your blog and I love it. You are so right – we should not be afraid to fail. I have once seen a cartoon where a guy is sitting in a corner of a room saying “I have never failed in my whole life” and then he sighs:”But I have never done anythin”.


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