Start your somedays Today

Have you ever put something off

Because the timing wasn’t just exact?

Maybe you refused to take that first step

As fear stopped you in your tracks.

How about refusing to begin your dreams,

Putting things off for a while.

Have you ever said “Maybe tomorrow?”

Have you ever said “Someday I’ll”

Consider the intelligent lady

With the ability to make good grades.

She said she’d further her education

Once the bills were paid.

Or how about the older gentleman

Who wanted to travel the world around

He said he’d begin his journey,

Once his schedule began to slow down.

What about the aspiring young lad

Who had that novel written-in his mind.

He said he’d put it on paper

Whenever he could possible find the time.

And finally, the love-struck person

With secret admiration for that guy..

She would let him know her true feelings

When she wasn’t feeling all that shy.

The message of these examples,

I hope, is crystal clear.

The time to start your aspirations

Is now–not next year.

Because the bills might never get paid,

Your schedule won’t slow down,

Extra time won’t somehow appear,

Complete confidence won’t be found.

So if you wait to take all those risks

Until all the signals say “Go”

Your “someday I’lls” will never come;

Your dreams, you’ll never know.

So begin that job or go back to school.

Start to smile and remove that frown.

“Because sometimes you have to jump off that cliff;

And build your wings-on the way down.”

~Christopher Neck


2 thoughts on “Start your somedays Today

  1. HEY SWEEEEEEETIEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post, thanks so much! Gosh, why is motivation & enthusiam sooooo tough some days, and sooooooooooooo easy on others?!?!? I guess it makes us stronger, huh!!!
    So, my S-I-L just moved to Phoenix, so when we come visit in May, I would LOVE love to go hiking with you!!!!!!! I miss phoenix–I always went to South Mnt. or Camelback, so would lvoe to try something new!!

    Have a fab week, keep rockin it!!!!!!


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