Motivation Week

Tomorrow marks the beginning of February. How are you doing with your goals??? Many people are pushing strong, some people gave up weeks ago, and others are struggling to push through. Whatever the case may be, I am officially naming this MOTIVATION WEEK!

I dedicate this week to pulling together with all of you to make sure we are sticking to our goals and not letting “life” get in the way, because, oh yeah, it will ALWAYS try to do that. What separates a successful person from the rest is PERSEVERANCE, PATIENCE AND CONSISTENCY. Take on each challenge as a mountain to climb, and don’t even THINK about turning your back and heading back down until you’ve reached the top!

I will be posting quotes, videos, and stories to help kick your butts back in gear! Feel free to comment with your own motivational strategies, quotes, stories, novels, whatever you want!

Here’s to a GREAT February full of kicking your goal’s ass!

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

~ Will Rogers


6 thoughts on “Motivation Week

  1. Awww….lizzi get the followers feature because you aren’t on my feed I just thought you weren’t posting 🙂 I see some wordpress with it and I love the feature… if not I’ll figure out how to add you… great post 🙂


  2. YAY!! I just posted a recap of my goals for 2010 and putting it down on virtual “paper” made me see where I’m off track and where I need to re-set and get re-motivated. Thanks for the push!
    adventures in tri-ing


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