When I saw this, I immediately got excited. I think I know what the second half of 2010 has in store for me.

Have you guys ever heard of Tri-Fitness? I wouldn’t be doing the fitness routine, but the Fitness Skills and Obstacle Course caught my eye. That is right up my alley!

I am a little bit competitive 😉 and I think this would be SO much fun and SUCH a change of pace.

It is almost February. For the month of February, I will continue to focus on higher rep workouts. Boxing, sprints, plyo workouts, and boot camps will still be weekly happenings, but I probably won’t do much heavy lifting for a while. It is going to be tough, but I am really focusing on leaning out and cutting down. I am perfectly happy with the muscle I have put on and am not looking to put any more on at this time.

March will probably stay similar to February, and in April I will assess my physique and see what fine tuning needs to be done. The fine tuning will take place in April and May, and before  I know it, June will be here and Jr. Nationals will be right around the corner! I’m so excited to compete in a national show!

That obstacle course is in September, and I think that would be so much fun. It’s in Tampa, so I’m going to try to see if I can drag a few others with me to do it.

Other randomness

Let’s see…. I actually took a rest day today! I skipped out on boot camp and slept in until 8:30am!! That is seriously UNHEARD of for me. I normally can’t sleep that late if I try. It felt glorious and I’ve spent the day doing absolutely nothing. It feels wonderfuuuul. I haven’t had a day of nothing in WEEKS. With working every weekend, and being out of town and working expos the last few weeks, I haven’t had much time to just sit down and relax. By the time I get home during the week, I have to cook/pack food and get ready for bed. It is the life I CHOOSE, so I’m not complaining, but just glad to have a break today.

Next weekend I will be heading to Tucson for the NPC Desert Classic. I’m not competing, but just going to show support, cheer on friends, and help out back stage. I always volunteer to help at these shows because I know how much it helps to have someone there backstage with you to make sure everything is going right. The smell of competition tan always brings me back to the day I stepped on stage and it gets me itching to compete again.

A Dose of Motivation

The past few days I have been thinking about the past year and how much I have changed and done. What always amazes me is that my focus is always on fitness/nutrition, but the effects that I feel are usually applied to the other areas of life. For example, by learning how to push myself through a tough workout, I have learned how to push myself through the hardships of life. It sounds crazy, and maybe you think I’m nuts(which I am, so you’re right) but I truly believe that. A few years ago, I dwelled on the annoyances in life and really let things get to me. I have always been pretty laid back, but was definitely someone that complained about the small things in life. These days, I have such a different outlook on life. I find the positive in every thing I do and every thing that happens. Of course, I still have bad days and sometimes negative thoughts get the best of me, but I know how to pull myself out of those bad thoughts and turn my days around. I absolutely love the challenges that life gives me, and see them as a reason to work harder. Every obstacle is given to you so that you can grow yourself. If you weren’t presented with challenges, you would never get better at anything in life. Being a better person, mother, daughter, sister, father, athlete, teacher, friend, partner, whatever it is. You MUST face challenges and hard times in order to get better and grow. So the next time you get slapped in the face with an unexpected challenge, face it head on and work through it. When you get through it, you will be a stronger individual.

Often times the weakest and most challenging points in our lives are followed by the greatest endeavors and most fulfilling accomplishments. Take everything in life as a lesson, and see what you can learn from it.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Great post! You sound so mature for your age…and you have so many great things to come still in your life! Hold on to that positivity…it will get you through the hard spots in life.
    adventures in tri-ing


  2. Abby says:

    I’ve always wanted to do the tri fitness but there are none around here. So it would be fun to see you go through one.

    And you are right, being physically strong can help you be mentally strong, I often use analogies from my fitness life to get through my “real life”!



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