Hi, I’m Lizzy, and I have a problem.

Before I show you all the pictures from the LA Fit Expo, I need to address a few things.

Addiction 1. I have a serious supplement buying addiction. See below.

This was just from today. I have a whole cabinet full of protein powders, vitamins, etc. I spent wayyyyy too much money today. Hopefully I won’t need anything for a LONG time.

The loot: Quinoa Flakes, Glutamine, Psyllium Husk, Raw Protein Powder, Biochem Greens & Whey, Raw One Women’s, Melatonin, Holy Basil(supports cortisol levels allegedly. I’m going to do more research. impulse buy.), zinc, and iron.

Addiction 2: Cholula Hot Sauce

I loveeeee cholula. Addicted. I brought a big bottle of it to LA and finished half of it. I put it on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

BUT, so much sodium. I am officially scaling back. And by scaling back, I mean I probably won’t be using it anymore. Maybe one meal a day, but that’s it. I have been a sodium queen lately, and it needs to stop. I used to not eat anything with added sodium, but I’ve been extremely leniant lately.

Addiction tres: Protein powders

I have been using protein powders for too many recipes. While they are delicious, I prefer eating real foods. Unless I’m using a protein powder that is JUST plain whey protein(you will know because it tastes like bullshit and the only ingredient is microfiltered whey protein isolate), it isn’t something I really want to be putting in my body. For now, I am keeping it in as a post-workout supplement, but probably not going to be using it for cooking, or snack-shakes anymore.

Okay, I think those are all of my addictions for now. Basically, I’m just cutting out all the useless crap that I’ve been letting creep into my diet these past few weeks. They aren’t necessarily hindering my progress, but I just like the clean and natural way of eating.

The LA Fit Expo

The expo was awesome. I met a lot of great people there and saw some pretty cool stuff! The power lifting competitions were so cool. It is crazy how much weight some of these guys and women can lift! I got to see some familiar faces at a few of the booths,and it was an awesome networking opportunity!


4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Lizzy, and I have a problem.

  1. Hi Lizzy, i’m April and I have the EXACT same problem! I never even use half the crap I buy except for the powders. I just finished a 5 lber, and a 2 lber this week so what do I do? Buy 2 more 2 lber tubs!! So right now I have 7 tubs of powders.

    Love the pictures!


  2. Hey Girl!!
    I added you to my blog roll! I hope things are going good for you. I miss your check in emails..lol!! Things are going pretty good. I worked out last night..!! I am going to go again tonight. I felt so crazy out of shape..BUT..it’s ok!! I love your posts. I read them all the time! Bec


  3. ana says:

    koool pics i l ove the photo shop! and the pic of you and jamie is awesome you are both breautifulll omg her abs are hot!!! motivation!!!


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