I just had an entire post written and it got erased and is nowhere to be found.

Let’s try this again….

First of all, if you’re wondering where I’ve been, no sleep+lots to do=no time for blogging.


This week has been tough, mainly because i haven’t slept enough this week! I am usually really good about getting enough sleep, but this week I slacked. Next week will be back to the normal grandma schedule. I am feeling the effects of no sleep in my workouts, and my body recovery, but I will catch back up.

This week has been: 2 boxing classes, glute/ham workout, quad/plyo workout, back/bicep workout, and a mixture of stairmill, jogging, and elliptical for cardio. My glute/ham workout on MONDAY has my hamstrings STILL sore. It made this weeks workouts even HARDER than normal. Add a lack of sleep, and lets just say I’ve been dragging all week.

Tomorrow will be yoga, chest/shoulders/triceps, and about an hour of cardio.

If you want your hamstrings to be sore for four days: Stiff leg deadlifts, Reverse Hyper, Single Leg Hip Thrusts, Smith Machine Sumo Squats, and Explosive Lying Ham curls. It got me, that’s for sure.


Food has still been going really well. I am loving the way I’ve been eating. My carbs have been mainly coming from veggies, however, today I decided to eat more carbs from oats/wheat bran. I felt like my body needed some solid carbs, and I listened. The fact that I’m a freaking ZOMBIE, probably has a lot to do with it as well. I know that when I’m lacking sleeping, sometimes my body mistakens its tired/hungry signals. Either way, I felt like a good carby day was probably best anyways. I can tell my body is coming down, and I am feeling leaner. I’m excited to continue this and see the progress continue.

I must confess, I am in a full blown relationship with someone new. His name is Cholula. Guys, I am addicted to this stuff. Regular, Chili Lime, Chili Garlic, it’s bad. I wouldn’t mind this addiction except that the sodium is through the roof!(85mg per teaspoon. Not bad except i use almost a whole small bottle a day!) The good news is that I don’t have any photo shoots/competitions coming up in the next few weeks so I can eat it happily. However, for health reasons, I will try to cut back.

I am kinda dating someone else too. HER name is Mrs. Dash. Yep, I’m a player. THIS however, has NO sodium, so I think I am going to try to get closer to her. Her fiesta lime is to die for. I do have another hot sauce that has only 20mg sodium per tsp, so I’m thinking if I mix that with Mrs. Dash, I might have a winner.

LA Fit Expo

Tomorrow afternoon, my roomie, myself and another fitness gal are hitting the road to go to the LA Fit Expo. We are going there for networking/business and fun. The expo is supposed to be REALLY cool, and it is also a great place to make new contacts. I have to pack 3 days worth of food, which sucks, but the good news is that we have a refrigerator in our hotel room and possibly a microwave!

The weather in LA right now is c.r.a.z.y. If you haven’t heard, there have been tornado warnings and hurricane-like weather. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of scared, but hopefully things will smooth out this weekend.

I’ll be back monday with a full recap of the expo. Pictures and stories to come! My roomie also just got a flip, so I’m expecting some dorky videos will be on their way as well 😉

Have a great weekend! Work hard!!!

Daily Thought: There are some workouts where you just don’t have it in you. Your body aches, you’re tired, your heart is pumping and you just want to give up. This is your chance to prove to yourself that you ARE an athlete. When you have nothing left, give it a little more, you body will reward you.

(Disclaimer: Don’t push yourself to an injury. There is a difference between real pain and the temporary pains of just being depleted of all energy and working your muscles hard. I am not a professional and anything I say could be complete and total bullshit. So don’t quote me. Unless you want to. Then go ahead.)

2 thoughts on “GRRRR!!

  1. I just wrote my blog post last night about how lack of sleep just wrecks me. The older I get…the worse it gets! Luckily I was able to catch up on my zzzz and it makes busting my ass in the gym a lot easier.
    Have a blast at the expo!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    adventures in tri-ing


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