Make-up Boot Camp

Ahh, the expo is over. Although it was a fun time, I have to say I’m glad it’s over with. 20 hours on my feet in two days is brutal. Repeating myself hundreds of times all day has given me a new appreciation for salesmen. Monotonous much?

I mentioned that I had to miss my beloved boot camp on Saturday for the expo, so I decided to make up for it today!

I was meeting a few other people to do the workout, but I got there early so I just started jogging.  I ended up doing 2 miles and then the rest of the crew got there.

My total workout included: 3 miles jogged(did sprints on some of the straight aways), 20 bleachers, 300 jump ropes, 100 walking lunges, and a few sets of sprints and high skips. It was a great workout. I feel good. After a light day on Friday and nothing yesterday, I needed a heart pumping workout. The weather was perfect too!

I’m now sitting at work for the rest of the day and just relaxing. The gym is dead so I plan on eating my food, reading and just being happy to be doing nothing. Tomorrow should be a nice day of “me” time which will include a great workout in the morning, a few errands, and hopefully some movies in my cozy bed. Ahh sounds amazing 🙂

Have a great Sunday!


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