These past two weeks, I’ve learned a few new things about me. Just when I thought I had myself figured out……(kidding ;-))

I figured I’d let you guys in on it because maybe you can relate. Or maybe not.

I’ve obviously been learning new things since the day I was born, but the past 2 years, I feel I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. This includes ALL aspects of my life, but for your sanity sake, I will just stick to fitness/nutrition related.

– I feel like I’ve realized this before, but never to the extent that I do now. Happiness plays such an important role in how successful you will be in this health journey(for some, not all..). The problem is you don’t really believe that until you are happy. Then you know. I’m not saying I wasn’t happy, because believe me I have a LOT to be thankful for. What I can say, is that ever since I decided to start working on my mind instead of my body, I have been happier than I’ve been in a long time.

Note to self: A happy mind= a healthy mind. Noted.

Something food related that I learned. I don’t like how complex carbs make me feel. In small amounts, they are fine, but I am learning that I do much better when I eat a shit-load of veggies as my carbs. Sweet potatoes and oats make me feel very weighed down. Brown rice seems to be okay, so I will probably shift to eating that and quinoa more.

-The more on track I am with my health, the more on track I am with the rest of my life. Can’t even describe how productive I have been these last few weeks!

I’m sure there are things I’m missing, but those were the ones that I thought about today.


Yesterday’s boot camp was hard. I felt like I got pushed really hard and I could feel the effects of the workout for the whole rest of the day. I absolutely LOVE getting my ass handed to me. Nothing like a workout that just annihilates me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Randomlings

  1. I completely feel the same about tracking health and tracking life. When I feel in control of my food choices (and feel good about them) I feel so much more confident and in control of every other aspect. There is such a connection between what I eat and what I feel.


  2. Love it – totally agree on the productivity note, too! It’s crazy how much working out gives me energy, makes me happy and makes me do more and more things that make me happy. It starts a great cycle for me!!


  3. It’s SOOOO true how it all goes hand in hand. When I am eating crap, drinking too much, and just being lazy I don’t do my laundry, don’t return phone calls, fell like crap at work, etc.

    Also I am the same way with complex carbs. As much as I love them (I know you are the same way) I just feel so much lighter and leaner without them. I have one serving of oats in the morning and the rest comes from veggies and almonds.


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