I set my alarm for 4:15 this morning. I was thinking I’m probably crazy seeing as I didn’t NEED to be up that early, but I did it anyways.

For yoga.


My boxing instructor told me I just HAD to go check this yoga class out. I have to say, I was impressed.

I’ve done yoga before, but it’s always been very slow to me and I really enjoy high impact exercise the best. That’s not to say that yoga doesn’t kick my ass, ccuz it does. Every. Time.

This morning was no different, and since I was so tired and it was so early, I think it made it even better. The class flowed really well and the instructor was awesome. During savasana(sp??is that even the right word? ha) we got mini-massages with a mint oil and it was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s.

I think Friday yoga will be added to my workout schedule most weeks 🙂

-After yoga, I headed upstairs and did 30 minutes on the Arc trainer, followed by back and biceps: Assisted chin ups, WG Lat Pulldowns, EZ Bar Curls(i did 6 sets and did a few drop sets. my biceps were toast.), Cable rows using the rope-hi to low, T-Bar Rows, and some band work.


Food has been great as well. I’ve been making the protein shake of all protein shakes the past few days. It is like a milkshake, i’m obsessed.

In-Mazing Protein Milkshake


1 scoop protein powder(i’ve been using cake batter, chocolate would be great also)

1/2 TBSP Peanut Butter

1/4 cup egg whites(you can use pasteurized ones, or if you aren’t afraid of salmonella, use that ;-))

Add a splash of water to help with blending

Blend ‘er up. and enjoy!

It’s really good I promise! Let me know if you try it.


Tonight I plan on laying low, and then I have boot camp and work tomorrow. Sunday I am hiking with a friend and working. Hoping to fit a good night of sleep in at least Saturday night though, I’ve been sleeping like a new born.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Yo-Guh

  1. DANG! That sounds awesome (smoothie milkshake) and full of protein- Definitely gonna have that for breakfast tomorrow….Or after my workout. What’s better?


  2. I was honestly surprised how HARD yoga was for me! There were some poses where my arms or legs were SHAKING. Yoga is NOT for sissies!! :>
    I want a mint oil massage ASAP!!!!!!!!

    adventures in tri-ing


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