Like Randy Quaid on court day..

I’ve been missing.

Sorry about that! I had a pretty busy week last week.

Christmas day I went snowboarding, and then to my cabin.

Saturday was boot camp and work.

Sunday was work and lots of napping 🙂


Today’s workout was pretty good. I could NOT get into it, but did it anyways.

20 minute jog followed by back/hams/abs..

SL Deadlifts, Assisted Chin Ups, Prone Ham Curl, CG Pull down, Swiss ball Ham curls, cable rows(h-l), cable rows (l-h), sumo squats, HLR, LLR, and Hip Ups.


Eating has been really good. Other than pumpkin pie on Christmas day/my dads birthday, eats have been totally clean. Fruit has been added back in as I mentioned a few weeks ago, and i love it 🙂

Tomorrow is boxing, Bi’s/tri’s, and some cardio.


I have been in a pretty blah mood today. I think the gloomy weather made me gloomy.(I’m spoiled with sunny skies 90% of the year…). I’m having one of those “what the hell am i doing” kind of days. With life, school, work, everything. It will pass. One thing I’ve learned in the past year is that feelings are temporary  and if I’m in a bad mood, it will pass. I just gotta wait it out. Boxing in the morning will probably bring out the crack head in me and I’ll be feeling much better. I think I’m also over tired from last week. I had 3 nights in a row of hardly any sleep and then one night of good sleep. I need a few more to set me straight.

By the way…stay on the lookout for two NEW clean recipes 🙂

– Chicken/Ground Turkey Pita Wrap

-Coconut pancake


5 thoughts on “Like Randy Quaid on court day..

  1. So true about the BLAH’s passing- Sometimes I get down in the dumps about workouts, family or friends or men- but I do realize that I’ll feel better the next day! I wanna ski!! I’ve never been!


  2. Good for you for pushing through your workout despite the fact that you weren’t all there mentally.

    I did that too last night. I was NOT in the mental mind frame of working out and struggled just getting there – but I did it. WAHOO US!


  3. Welcome back! I had that blah day yesterday…a good night sleep seemed to have cured me. I think a good hard workout will seal the deal! Hope you are doing better…can’t wait to check out the recipes.
    adventures in tri-ing


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