Another Early Morning

Yesterday started at a whopping 2:15 AM. After waking up starving, I got up and messed around on the computer in hopes of numbing my brain back to sleep. I tried, and failed and ended up getting up at about 3AM, having breakfast, and heading to the gym.

I don’t know if they are putting something in the water, and I’m almost afraid to say it because I don’t want to jinx it, but my mood has been in-mazing lately! I hit the gym feeling like I had just taken a dose of meth happy pills.


Chest, Triceps and Abs:

DB Incline/Assisted Dips

Cable flys(lo-hi)/Skull crushers

100 pushups(10 sets of 10)/3 different variations of tricep pulldowns

It was a really great workout. I’m sore today. And am sore from boxing the other day.

Afterwards I hit up the treadmill for an hour of incline walking/running. It was a tough workout. Incline from about 5-10%, with speeds of 4.0-4.4 at one point. Running only went up to about 7mph, and was only for a few minutes. It was a workout I got from Em a while back I think. I felt amazing afterwards though!

Today’s Workout

Today is going to be a little nutzo. My brother is in town, so I promised him I’d hike with him later today. I love hiking, so what’s the big deal?

I am boxing this morning, then LEG DAY, and then running sprints(i think). After all that, we’re going to hike, and then tomorrow I’m going SNOWBOARDING 🙂 Couldn’t be more excited! Then Saturday is boot camp, and I’m supposed to do another bleacher workout with friends on Sunday. Definitely something is going to have to be cut short, either that or Monday is going to be spent lying in bed ALL DAY. I think I’d be fine, but I know that snowboarding takes the life out of me. I never make the 2 hour drive home because the one time I did, I was fighting trying to stay awake the whole time. I’ll let my older brother handle that. (I actually had to drive 6 hours from California once on NO sleep, and had to slap myself every few minutes to make sure I was alert. Funny for two reasons: 1, i was slapping myself 2, it really wasn’t funny and every hour that past I knew I still had 5 more, 4 more, etc. Talk about torture.)


Food is great. Loving the process right now. Favorite meal at the moment: ground turkey, avocado, hot sauce and mass amounts of green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. Also, kale chips.

Gotta get ready to spar today! Later! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Early Morning

  1. I do the same thing when I start feeling happy…it’s like I pull back so I don’t jinx it. Isn’t that silly…why can’t we just let ourselves be happy!!!!
    Ground turkey and avocado…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!
    adventures in tri-ing


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