I’m back soon

I couldn’t take that much time off from blogging. 🙂

Thanks for everyone’s concern/well wishes! I have just been really stressed out lately, and having blogging on my to-do list was stressing me out even more as dumb as that sounds.

I’ve figured out that I really need to start planning my days better. I put things off and end up having lazy days followed by massive busy days where I can’t breathe. I need to learn balance. HA. Harder than it sounds for me.

I am a person of extremes. If I do something, I go into it FULL on. This is good in some ways, not good in other ways. I can’t  stop a workout in the middle. If I decide that morning I’m doing an hour of cardio, a half hour will not suffice. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if I eat one cookie, I’m eating the whole box 😉 Getting a little balance wouldn’t hurt.

Although some stress has been work related(year-end accounting is stressful, especially dealing with not one, but TWO thefts in the company. Ugh.) Even more stressful is my family, though. My counselor compares us to the Sopranos. Do I take that as a compliment?? 🙂

Without divulging too much, I am just going to say that I am glad I have become an independent person as I’ve grown up, because I need my independence right now, and am taking it. Other than my older sister and older brother, I hope the rest of the fam has a happy holiday 🙂 I say this very light heartedly, because I guess the one good thing I got from my mom is to find the good in any situation. Don’t worry about me though, I’m on solid ground. I’m a happy girl and the stress will fade. It always days. Clouds will clear, and I’ll bask in the sun. Until then, I’m going to run in the rain. Excuse my corny metaphors please haha.


Ugh. So after my weekend of boot camp and bleachers, my quad has been nagging at me this week. I didn’t do cardio on Monday because I needed some rest, and Tuesday, I started the elliptical and could feel the quad a little bit. It isn’t an injury, yet, it’s just overworked. I gave it rest Tuesday. Today I did a half hour of incline walking and it felt fine. I am going to hike tomorrow and see how it feels, but no leg workout for me this week(other than Monday’s ham workout.)

This week so far, and planned:

Monday: Back/Ham workout – Eh, i wasn’t a fan.

Tuesday: Shoulders/Triceps: Pretty good

Wednesday: Chest/Biceps, 30 min. incline walk : Loved it.

Thursday: Boxing ,Morning hike with the roomie, Back/Hams again(i really wasn’t a fan of Mondays workout), and then sprints(as long as my quad feels good)

Friday: Shoulders, 1 hour cardio

Saturday: Boot Camp

Sunday: Bleacher Workout…depending on quad

So that’s the tentative plan.


Had a convo with the roomie last night. We were talking about how much competing changes your mentality with food. I think about when I was in high school. I ate horribly, but I was always skinny because I didn’t really over eat. Sure, sometimes I did, but my friends used to always joke that my eyes were bigger than my stomach(and they meant that literally because i have slightly larger than normal size eyes ;-)). I never cared about food all that much until I started dieting. Then I stopped dieting, then I found clean eating. It changed my life and I realized it was how I want to live my life. Competing somewhat changed my mentality, though. Suddenly the clean eating wasn’t a choice, but a necessity. It caused a lot of ups and downs, and at times I want to put off competing until I get my healthy mentality back. I used to eat fruits and vegetables in enormous quanitities, but competing meant that even fruit was off limits. That sucks! Anyways, I haven’t changed anything I’m just ranting a little bit 🙂 I am still carb cycling and still really liking it. I haven’t been perfect, but I’m getting there. I am working ongetting to the point where there is no “off” day. It might take time, but I’ll never stop trying. In the big picture, I’ve only been at this for 1 year exactly, as far as the clean eating goes. Ups and downs will happen, but I’ll only fail if I give up.

Trust me, I’m never giving up.

I think I’ve rambled long enough. See what happens when I don’t post for a few days?

I’ve been getting some great feedback from my clients. That in itself is motivating. One of my clients lost 8 pounds last month and is now starting to incorporate weight training to start shaping her physique to the way she wants it. I feel like a proud parent 🙂

Have a good night!


5 thoughts on “I’m back soon

  1. We all go through things my dear. Its perfectly ok for you to forget about blogland while you take the time you need. I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Blogging should never feel like homework and when it does, it’s time to step back. You are a lot like me EXTREME sense. I eat the whole box of cookies or none at all most the time.

    One question for ya though; are you doing the show still in Feb? the one Ana was going to do with you?


  2. hehehe on your eyes comment- That’s OK, because I have big eyes, too- but they are the most complimented on feature- and I LOVE your eyes 🙂 Just sayin’.

    Great for your client by the way!


  3. Glad you are back to blogging! Interesting notes on your nutrition. I know when I make something “off limits” to myself I often end up obsessing about it. Which of course leads to problems! Thanks for your openess and honesty about your struggles…there is hope for all of us!
    adventures in tri-ing


  4. finding balance is like trying to juggle without instruction….some things go up,some go down and get caught and brought up up again,and some things just fall to the floor and shatter and either get swept under the rug or swept back up and put together again….
    its all trial and error about finding hwat works to find your balance of life—-but you seem to have your feet planted pretty good in the ground so i doubt finding balnce wont be that much of a challenge!!!!
    i do hope things continue to ge well for you with workouts/nutrition and work and family…
    oh BTW,congrats on your client!!!! you just wait until you have your forst “success story”-you know the.that one person you help change thier life?? being the “proud parent” is really an undersatement!!
    keep up all your hard work chica! AND btw,ARE you still doing the Feb show??


  5. Alyson says:

    I can so relate to pretty much everything you said in this post.. except I’m an only child and Irish, so not so much an being like the Sopranos :p But as far as having the tendency to be all or nothing, that is exactly me, and I’ve been working, slowly but surely, to find a better balance. Happy Holidays!


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