Life is really getting in the way of my blogging time 🙂

Wednesday: Leg day

I worked out with Ernie Wednesday. Here was our circuit:

Hack Squat Machine, Leg Press Machine, Plyo-step ups, Squat machine Jump Squats, Leg Extensions, Prowler, DB walking lunges, up and overs, Front squats, DB walking lunges, cable squats, Bench jump ups, DB walking Lunges

3 times through. Those walking lunges killed my glutes and my ass is still sore. 🙂

Thursday I did shoulders and triceps. It was a quick workout, but got the job done.

Single arm DB Arnold Press, DB Lateral Raise, Triceps pressdown

Rear Delt Raise, cable rear delt pulls, and one arm tricep pulldown

Nothing, crazy, but not a bad workout. Also did a sprint workout and 30 min. on the stepmill

Friday Workout

Back, Bi’s, some Glute(3 sets each circuit)

Seated DB Curls, One Arm Row, EZ Bar curls, assisted chin ups, hammer strength rows(2 different angles), Lat pulldowns, Cable lat pulls, Seated Row

Preacher curl, Side DB walking lunges, assisted GHR, seated ham curl, butt blaster, rope hammer curl

Did a quick 3 mile run after that and am going back to the gym to work for a few hours this afternoon.

Tomorrow is boot camp and boxing. Going to probably kill me softly 🙂

I also move on Sunday, so things may be sporadic for a while!


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