Am I blind? Body Dysmorphia?!

Okay, this just goes to show how SKEWED women’s brains (or maybe just mine) are when they view themselves. I was looking through old pictures, and absolutely SHOCKED at what I saw. I saw something TOTALLY different than what I saw right after these pictures were taken. I can remember thinking to myself “I need to get leaner” Looking at the pictures now, I am thinking “i looked pretty good!”

I am honestly in shock at my skewed view of how I looked. This was in May. I WILL get back to this body, and even better, just gotta be patient…….


I remember looking at this picture and thinking that I needed my abs to be more defined, and that I looked bloated and not lean enough. Maybe this isn’t a “show ready” body, but now that I am looking at it, I can honestly say that I think my stomach looked good!


This picture, I remember thinking that I would NEVER be ready for my show in time. THis was about a month out from NPC. I thought that my legs didn’t look good and that I had love handles on my back. HA.

I am in no way saying I looked perfect, and there are definitley some improvement areas, but what I am getting at is that I am WAY TOO HARD ON MYSELF.

I need to ease up and give myself some slack. Know that what I am doing WORKS and know that I just need to be patient, and see my body for what it really is at the moment and not what I think it needs to be in the future. It will get there, I just have to let it.


Now, with that said, I am going to practice this whole patience thing because I absolutely know I’m not looking like that these days 😉 In due time…….


8 thoughts on “Am I blind? Body Dysmorphia?!

  1. I’m so glad you are posting this. I am seriously guilty of the body dysmorphia thing. I have had friends tell me this for a while but I’m finally getting it. And I do believe that when we are that hard on ourselves, it’s easy to prevent future success- we are too busy punishing ourselves and berating ourselves, who could get motivated with that kind of negative reinforcement? Now that I am finally getting a handle on the whole mental thing, both in how I view myself along the way and how I mentally deal with food, I’m seeing results. And enjoying LIFE along the way. Amen! Keep it up girl!! You rock. 😉


  2. Jessica says:

    I agree… It’s crazy how we see ourselves. I still see Fat Jess all the time – the only thing that really helps me to realize I’m doing ok is to put on clothes and realize they are still big. We’re so hard on ourselves!


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