Ay carumba!

It is 2:30am, and since sleeping is just NOT happening, I’m posting. Forgive me if this doesn’t make sense, because I am totally exhausted.

I thought I was getting better, but swine flu or whatever I have gave me the finger and said “no, no lizzy! You’re not done yet!” and gave me an entirely new set of symptoms. What an awesome gift. How did I get so lucky ?!

Where to begin…

I woke up today yesterday (Thursday) feeling so much better(after sleeping absolutely horribly…sweating, fever, etc.). I was so excited to finally be getting over the illness!

I lazed around a little bit in the morning and then headed out to the gym to try and get a workout in. I knew it wasn’t going to be a workout of the year, but I hadn’t been since Monday, so Iwanted to get something in!

I did legs….Full squats(my fave 🙂 for whatever reason..doing these while I’m sick always makes me feel better. It is like the cure of all cures to me lol), DB Bulgarian squats(aka split squats), Leg extensions, and DB Walking Lunges. Nothing to write home about but definitely was tough and got me sweating, and was about all I could handle.

I finished up with 12 minutes on the recumbant bike. Why 12? Because i started to get really tired and decided I am NOT going to push myself when I am sick.

I left the gym, picked up my truck(it was in the shop) and took a friend to drop her truck off at the shop. I came home and just laid around and watched episodes of the Office, until the new episode was on. My throat was kind of hurting throughout the day, but nothing too crazy. It sure as hell was better than the achiness I had been going through the two days prior.

At about 9:30, I got in bed and that is when things turned terrible. I have been tossing and turning ALL night, literally have not slept AT ALL. My throat hurts EXTREMELY bad to the point I almost thought my throat was closing up. I have gotten up several times to drink water because I am feeling dehydrated, but it hasn’t been helping. So now, I am just awake sitting at my computer, eating a lozenge to try and soothe my throat(helping a little bit) and sipping on water.

I am definitely NOT working out tomorrow, all I have to do is work from 2-5pm and the rest of the day I am going to try and SLEEP.

I. Hate. Being. Sick. BLECH.

Sorry for being such a drama queen but this is totally sucking it up.


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