Longest Day

Wow, today was another long day, and tomorrow won’t be any shorter, or Friday, or this weekend! Don’t even get me started on next week!

Today was Leg Day. I got to the gym a little early to do some extra triceps because I didn’t feel like I burned them out enough yesterday. Afterwards, heavy leg/plyo hell came into effect. It was a tough one, not as tough as last week, but still tough, none the less.

Afterwards, I took a speedy shower and hopped up front to work. I worked for 5 hours. I am still technically training, so I was with my manager(who is my age and a cool guy). We literally watched You Tube videos, quoted movies, and talked about stupid shit for 5 hours. Rough job, I know 😉

After that, I had a 2 hour class and was literally falling asleep during it. I came home, ate some food and watched some of the Office(season 2). One of them was when Jim tells Pam that he is in love with her and they kiss for the first time.(melltttt!!!) UGH love those two 🙂

I somehow am not as tired anymore, but am forcing myself to skip boxing tomorrow because I am over tired and I have a very long day tomorrow. Workout, hair appointment(i know this is my choice but my hair is seriously in need), need to take my truck in and get a rental(more on that in a minute), and then I am working(on my own) from 5-9pm. Then I have a workout at 5am Friday morning because……….

I’m going to L.A.! 🙂

It is a pretty random trip, but I am so excited. I am going with my friend to visit my brother and my good friend who just got back from Iraq a few months ago. I have other friends that are there this weekend too, so it should be packed with stuff to do! I NEED this vacation for oh so many reasons. Mostly to clear my head from boy drama issues. The reason I am getting a rental car is because my truck gets about 14mpg(big-ass diesel..i love it, but it takes $$ as fuel.)

Still no appetite. I tried to eat more today, I am coming in okay with the calories, so I’m not starving myself, but I am literally NOT hungry what so ever, nothing looks appealing and I am basically eating for fuel. I guess that is what contest prep is all about anyways, so if the cravings aren’t there, then oh well!

I am bringing some food with me this weekend and the rest I will cook up at my brothers.

I need sleep. GOOD NIGHT 🙂


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