Daily Blogging

I miss blogging daily! I am making it my goal to do this!

I have been so busy. I am currently:

Going to two different schools(18 credits total)

Working 4 part time jobs.(It isn’t as crazy as it sounds, it equates to about 20-25 hours per week)

and…Oh yea! Training my ass off! 🙂

I love being busy and rarely complain about it. I am the one that makes myself so busy by adding on more and more things to my agenda. I fall into that category of people who only gets things done if I’m busy. Give me a day where I have nothing to do? I will probably do nothing 🙂 A day where I barely have a second to breathe? All of my homework and work will be done in between each breath.

Are you more productive when you are busy or when you have a lot of time?

All Things Training:

This morning, my trainer was out, so I was on my own. I was actually excited because in the past 3 weeks, I have been with my trainer for every workout. I miss kicking my own booty 🙂

The agenda: Hamstrings, Shoulders and Calves

The workout: Heavy deadlifts( my favorite!), Lying hamstring curls, DB Shoulder Press, Reverse Hyper(missed this machine! they didn’t have it at my old gym), DB Lat Raises, Lying Rear Delt Pulls, Rear Delt Raises, Standing Hamstring curls, Seated hamstring curls, Cable Rear Delt extensions, Cable front raises, Barbell Calf raises from 3 different angles

Wow, no wonder this workout took me close to an hour and a half. Ha. I was in the zone and didn’t even realize how long it was until I was done.

Nutrition: Everything is going well. I am dropping finally, and actually have a little hope that I will be kind of ready for this show. I don’t think I will be looking as good as NPC, but I am on a healthier track mentally to not let myself blow up again like I did after that show. I am finally excited 🙂

Show:  23 more days until the Bikini America show. Every single day counts because I am really cutting it close with my leaning out. After the show I will probably post a blog about what went wrong the past few months with my diet/nutrition. As much as falling down and being set back sucks, it teaches SO much and you learn A TON about yourself. I continue to learn new things about myself every day.

What is something new that you have learned about yourself after a set back?

I have learned that everything I do is a choice. If I rebel against that choice, I am only rebelling against myself. I also learned to think clearly before I make decisions.


3 thoughts on “Daily Blogging

  1. holy credits lady, you sure do have your plate full!

    23 days and counting – can’t wait to keep reading about your experience! I love seeing the pictures because you have done such an amazing job transforming your physical self while at the SAME time working on your mental/personal growth. Love it!


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