Hiking Season!!

I am so excited that Hiking season is back 🙂 I guess it began a few weeks ago for me with North Mountain and Pinnacle Peak, but for me, the first time I hike Echo Canyon at Camelback Mountain for the season means it has really started!

Echo Canyon description from the website:

Summit Trail (Echo Canyon)
Length: .1.2 miles one way
Elevation gain: 1,264 feet (summit is 2,704 feet)
Difficulty: Strenuous and difficult

This is a very strenuous trail recommended only for experienced hikers. The trail ascends through some spectacular sandstone rock formations and offers unparalleled views from the summit of the greater Phoenix area. The Echo Canyon area is open sunrise to sunset.

Is it just me, or do any of you get a high when you get to the top of a mountain? It is like runner’s high, but even better(in my opinion.) I think the fresh breeze, amazing views and feelings of accomplishment all come together. And oh yeah, those endorphins kicking in 🙂

My hike this morning was absolutely amazing. I had a very weird night of sleep last night(My 7:30pm nap didn’t end until 3:30 am….and then I got up for a while and slept another hour, had some intense dreams and finally peeled myself out of bed at 6:30am) and once I ate some breakfast, all I wanted to do was hike Echo Canyon for the first time of the season.

My normal Echo Canyon buddy is out of town, so I decided instead of going with someone, I wanted to go by myself. For most hikes, I will go at whatever pace the person i am with is going, but for Echo Canyon, my hiking buddy(Jorge) and I like to time ourselves. Since he was out of time, I decided to time myself on my own.(He is quick and I always find myself pushing myself hard to keep up with him.) I think last season(spring) our fastest time was around 29 minutes to the top. We don’t take any breaks and like to go quick(however, we don’t run at all because Echo Canyon is known for people being helicoptered out due to slipping and falling.)

Today, I timed myself and the verdict is……….


I am pretty proud of that time given I was alone. I pushed myself hard, but I always do better when I have to keep up with someone because that competitive switch in my head goes off.

Here is my view from the top:


Later today, my sister and dad are going to hike Pinnacle Peak(a much easier hike with rolling hills) instead of doing our usual family dinner. I am very excited 🙂

What is your favorite hike?

Have a fab Sunday and CONGRATS TO GENIE!! That girl rocked the stage yesterday with a big win!!!


9 thoughts on “Hiking Season!!

  1. You are awesome – the view is so cool! (i’ve never hiked before so that picture is as close as i’ve gotten! haha) That’s so cool you and your family can do that together – hope you guys had fun!


  2. ana says:

    hi LIZ!!!

    I went to go see my dad today at hospital in phoenix like i do once in a while any ways ……..

    me and my sister went hiking 🙂 my 1st time we went on a mountain thats near (unionhills) or dunlap off the 57north i think it was its like on 7th ave??? anyway i loved it!!!! talk about an incline!!!!

    I enjoyed it so much we went at 5 am ant it tooks us about 45 minutes i think. i will be doing it again! do you know what moutain it is? and we did the paved trail not the rocky one onthe other side.


  3. I love how you can describe some kind of exercise on your blog and for some reason it always makes me want to get up that second and do it haha. Sounds like you had a great time hiking and the view is AMAZING!!


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