I love October :)

October in Arizona is literally PARADISE. The weather is a breezy 75-80 degrees and it is amazing. I love walking outside in the morning and it being a little bit chilly, and love even more walking outside in the afternoon to a cool breeze. Ahhhh, weather, PLEASE stay like this forever 🙂

Things are going f-a-b in this house 🙂 I love my new trainer, I love the new diets he has me doing, and I love working out!

I had a little bit of an epiphany the other day. Maybe it was just an epiphany to me, but I’ll share anyways haha.

I was thinking about how people work at jobs they hate, butthose jobs pay well. They are raking in the dough, but just really don’t enjoy what they are doing. Is it worth it? Would you/Do you have a job that pays well but one that you don’t like?

 I realized that this can be applied to fitness. You can work your butt off in the gym and get the results you want on your body, but if you hate it, is it worth it? Is it worth the struggle every day doing something you don’t like, even though it reaps the benefits?

Then I got to thinking about how my dad, and others have said, do what you love, and you will find a way to make decent/good money doing it. It’s true. If you are passionate about something, you are probably going to work harder at it and find a way to be successful in it. Once again, I applied this to fitness. If you find some type of exercise that you like, you will find a way to reap the benefits from it.

I just was thinking about how much I absolutely LOVE working out and how everyone around me keeps saying to “pull back”, “don’t work out as much/hard” etc. While I am very aware that sometimes I over do it, as long as I take care of my body and don’t push through injuries, and listen to my body when it wants to stop, I will continue to work out as much as I want. Ahh, feels good to get that off my chest. I know some of you are sitting here thinking I am a crazy person(I am, though, so you are correct ;-)) I really just enjoy everything about sports and training. I was ALWAYS in sports growing up, and at lunch I was always playing football or soccer with the boys. It is who I am. It would be like if I told someone who loved reading that they should read less because they read too much.

I am not ranting at all, I guess I am just making peace with myself that this is something I love, and if I feel like boxing twice in one day, well hot damn I’m gonna do it! 🙂 And I am NOT going to feel guilty about it. With that said, if my body is feeling over trained, I will pull back for a few days. If I feel an injury coming on, I will slow it down and take it easy. I know how far I can push my body safely. Okay, enough 🙂

Yesterday’s Workout

Glutes, Biceps and Triceps were trained in the morning with Ernie(new trainer). Afterwards, I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill with a 15% incline.

I then headed over to Funktional Fitness for a functional workout. It was complete with a little over a 1/4 mile lap as fast as I could (1:43), and a Tabata workout with kettle bell squats, kettle bell lunges, TRX pushups, throwing ropes(see pic below..don’t worry that’s not me 😉), and to be honest, I can’t remember what else haha. It was a great workout though!

This morning was BOOT CAMP. 🙂 It was still dark out when we started and it was honestly an amazing workout. The beautiful weather makes me love doing pretty much anything outdoors. All of the girls are in amazing shape and I love that because it makes me push myself harder. I always pick out whoever is in the best shape to pace myself with. Today there was a guy at boot camp and I was using him to keep pace when we were doing bleachers and sprints. I was REALLY pushing myself trying to keep up with him he was freaking FAST. I didn’t ever catch up but it did put me ahead of the other girls.

I’m having such a great week and I will continue to make every day as great as possible.(Notice how I said MAKE them as great as possible. Because yes, happiness is something you have to DO, not something you HAVE. (At least that is my opinion)

Have a great day everyone!!! 🙂10731_1061443434595_1781233194_132566_5532933_n


2 thoughts on “I love October :)

  1. I had a job I hated, got paid well but I hated every second of it. Luckily I was laid off and it was a big weight off my shoulders. I didn’t feel like a failure or I ran away from something.

    I LOVE working out!


  2. Liz, heyyyyy!! I’ve been thinking about this exact same thing for the past few months. I no longer feel the need to justify to others why I do the things I do — the things I eat the way I dress, the career I strive to pursue… everything about my life — because I am doing what makes ME happy. The point of life is NOT to be miserable just to be able to say that hey, you achieved this one thing that actually wasn’t even worth it and it has this one tiny benefit that is heavily outweighed by the one crucial fact that you HATED the journey.

    I’m so glad that you posted this. It’s not about impressing people anymore. It’s about doing what we love =)


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